How to disable notifications from Facebook and other services in Chrome

Google Chrome notifications

Social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram, in addition to collaborative tools such as Slack , have begun to show annoying notifications to Google Chrome users on the latest desktop version. Users can know when they have a message or a new update, but it can end up being very uncomfortable, especially for the most frequent users of this type of platform.

This problem has started to occur after the latest version of Google Chrome was installed . The browser began to ask users if they wanted to allow the sending of notifications when accessing Facebook and other services. Many, without even knowing what it was about, agreed, soon after encountering notifications every two by three accompanied by a sound that ends up unhinging the most patient. Logically, this new function can be reversed and prevent us from being informed of these notifications in the browser.

Google Chrome notifications

To stop receiving notifications from Facebook and other social networks in Chrome , you will have to enter the browser settings and click on "Show advanced settings". Then you will see that more options are displayed. Look in them for the Privacy section . When you have located it, click on the " Content configuration " button . A new window will open. Scroll down now to Notifications to define your settings. The recommended option is "Ask when a site wants to show notifications".

If you want to disable notifications only for specific services, such as Facebook , you just have to click on the " Manage exceptions " button, which appears just after the three options. Look in the list for " " and change the drop-down to Allow by Block. This option is very useful for when, for example, you only want to receive notifications from Instagram and not from Facebook , which is usually a social network with more "movement".

Remember that you can also use Google Chrome to receive notifications on your computer from extensions or websites, such as reminders of your meetings. By default, the browser will notify you every time a website or extension wants to send you notifications . You can also change this option at any time by following the steps above.

The latest unstable version of Chrome was released a few days ago (it is still in beta). This is Chrome 47 , which will be one of the most important updates in recent times when it is officially released. The company has managed to solve a multitude of bugs, specifically 41, achieving a much more stable browser, which will allow the user to enjoy a much faster and more comfortable experience. It is in this version, precisely, where we find the new notification notification system. If you want to install it on your computer, go to Settings, Security, and enable the option of programs developed by third parties.

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