The iPhone 5S would have an NFC connection

Iphone 5s

The incorporation of an NFC chip in the new iPhone is a topic that has been talked about long before Apple launched the iPhone 5 . Instead of this system, the company introduced PassBook , a kind of virtual wallet where you can store tickets, tickets, gift vouchers and much more. According to the blog PhoneArena , the US operator Verizon would have confirmed the arrival of the NFC system to the next iPhone , which if the rumors do not fail will be the iPhone 5S.The news has been leaked by an employee of one of the two parties (Verizon or Apple) but he wants to remain anonymous. As he has commented, a clear reference has appeared in the Verizon database that the iPhone 5S will have NFC . Specifically, it includes the words “nano nfc sim cards” . This reference of the nano SIM NFC cards would be indicating that the manzanófono will have this wireless transfer system.


As we said, the NFC has been a very commented subject on previous occasions but the company has not yet opted to include this system in any of its products, in fact data appeared that the iPhone 5 would have this chip but finally it was not like that. If the information that Verizon could be handling is true, it would be a step by Apple towards the standardization of its products since they usually opt for proprietary systems that are not compatible with other platforms. In this way, those of Cupertino would enter fully to compete in the segment of mobile payments with a system similar to that offered by services such as Google Wallet. Thanks toNFC is possible to make payments with the mobile simply by bringing it closer to a receiver, in addition to many other applications.

iPhone 5s leak

This news coincides with the registration of a patent a few days ago by the company. Apple would be in the process of creating a data synchronization system with devices from other platforms, something that until now was not possible even via Bluetooth. The interesting thing is that this new system would work through NFC in a very similar way to the Android S Beam function. At the moment there is not much information but what we do know is that those from Cupertino have confirmed that iOS 7 will have AirDrop , a similar system that works with WiFi Direct but that only works between devices of the brand.

The NFC is a technology that allows you to transfer information at high speed as long as the two devices are very close. Thanks to this system it is possible to make payments with your mobile, but although this is its most popular function, it is not the only one. Manufacturers such as Samsung or Sony have created small labels that allow us to load different profiles in our terminal simply by bringing it closer, for example we can activate the WiFi when entering the house or connect the 3G when leaving. It is also possible to access public transport, store movie tickets, open hotel doors and much more.