Samsung Power Sharing, a cable to share battery between devices


Samsung has presented Power Sharing, a cable that allows you to transfer battery between a Galaxy terminal , be it a smartphone or tablet , to another device. At the moment, the Korean company has indicated that the source of origin of this new accessory will have to be  the Galaxy S5, the Galaxy Alpha, the Galaxy Note 4, the Galaxy Avant, the Galaxy Tab S 10.5, or the Tab S 8.4 .

As for the devices that can be charged with the new cable , the only requirement that they have to meet is that they can receive power through a micro USB (regardless of whether it is a tablet, a smartphone or a smart watch). It seems that the devices receiving the load do not necessarily have to be from the Korean firm .

Contrary to what happens with the models that act as portable batteries, the devices that can benefit from the use of the Samsung Power Sharing Cable are many , since the number of those that use microUSB ports is quite high . The cable has dimensions of  0.3 meters , which is enough to be able to carry it comfortably, and it barely weighs 19 grams , so it will not be a problem to transport it from one place to another.

A small detail of its operation is that the battery charge from the original source, that is, from the Samsung device, cannot be completely transferred . This function has been limited so that if, due to some mistake, you leave the cable charging for a long time, do not leave the main equipment unusable .


To use it, you first have to download the Samsung Power Sharing application on your Korean brand terminal , from the Mountain View company's store, Google Play Store, or Samsung Apps . This application will allow the user to easily control the amount of energy they want to transfer .

At the moment, this cable is only available in the United States for a price of 20 euros , which means about 15 euros . Anyway, as tradition dictates, it will probably arrive in Spain for 20 euros . In our opinion, it seems a very useful accessory that can save you from more than one trouble at some point. In fact, the battery is one of the great concerns of users at the moment since, in most terminals, it is insufficient.

Perhaps the goal of Samsung Power Sharing is to show that your devices have enough power to be able to get rid of a bit of it. We still do not know how much battery will be lost in the transfer , but we imagine that not too much, and that the Korean company will have optimized the device to avoid unnecessary expenses .

We are clear about the reason for this invention . The multinational has received criticism regarding the autonomy of its smart clothes , so it may have decided to create a solution for it. In reality, not only are they the ones who have received complaints, but also the rest of the wearable manufacturers . Therefore, Samsung may have wanted to get ahead of its competitors and provide a solution to this problem.