Guide to customize the taskbar in Windows 10

Guide to customize the taskbar in Windows 10

If you use Windows 10 as your operating system, you will know that the taskbar is a fundamental ingredient . It has been with us for years, next to the start button. It is, next to the desktop, the nerve center of everything you do on your computer. That is why it is important to have it well prepared. If you are an advanced user maybe you can take a look at the God mode that will also allow you to take one more step in configuring your desktop.

But if you want to start something, it would be nice if you did it with the Windows 10 taskbar. With these tricks you can remove and add elements and make the tool fully adapted to your day. It is important that you include shortcuts to the programs that you use most often and that you remove everything that is there by system and that in reality is of no use to you. Shall we start?

The first thing: remove unnecessary elements

Actually customizing the Windows 10 toolbar is a very simple process. The first thing we will do is delete all those icons that you found there by default. You may not have used them before or you may not need them so often that they are so close at hand. In this way, we will be able to anchor to the taskbar those icons of programs that you do use regularly.

1. Once the computer has started and the operating system loaded, you can access the taskbar. Click on it with the right mouse button to display the Settings menu .

2. There are some options that you can de facto eliminate, because you most likely don't need them. For example, you can disable the Show task view button option . This icon allows you to access the virtual desktop and manage the windows you have open. If you have never used it and have no intention of doing so, deactivate the option so that it stops appearing on the taskbar.

windows 10 taskbar

3. The same with the rest of the buttons that are probably activated by default. If you do not use Cortana (the Windows 10 assistant), it is best to remove the bottom bar with the icon, or the search box in which you can read "Ask me anything." Most likely, those icons and tools are taking up unnecessary space on your taskbar.

You just have to deactivate them so that they disappear completely. Select the "Hidden" option to not see them anymore. However, remember that you can activate them again when you need to . You just have to retrace your steps and choose or activate the icons that interest you.

Anchor or unpin, that's the question

You have another important thing to do: pin and unpin all those programs that interest you or just the opposite. This will help you always have everything you need at hand or stop seeing the icons that have never been of any use to you. What is there to do?

You may have an infinity of icons on the taskbar that you never use for anything and that remain there, occupying precious space. You could use it for other more useful tools. The best thing you can do is get them off your back .

unpin taskbar buttons

1. On the taskbar, choose the icon that you don't want to see anymore and click (again) on it with the right mouse button.

2. Next, a menu will open (depending on the case it may be more or less extensive) and you will have to click on the option "Unpin from the taskbar" . Repeat the procedure for all the bar icons you want to remove. As you can see, it is a quick and easy step.

3. You may come across a program (Skype is one of them) that persists in placing itself on the Windows 10 taskbar. If when you log in it always appears there and when you try to unpin it from the bar you cannot (because in It is not actually anchored, but open) you will have to configure this option from the program itself .

For example, in Skype you have to open the program (just click on the icon on the taskbar) and then open the Tools> Options menu. In this window you will find the option "Start Skype when turning on the computer" activated . Turn it off.

Repeat this same procedure with all those programs that are placed on the Windows 10 taskbar every time you turn on the computer. You will save a lot of space and a good number of hassles.

pin taskbar

How to pin new programs and files?

With the clean taskbar everything is much easier, right? Now you can start anchoring all those programs that you want to have on hand. For example, if you use Paint often, you might want to have the icon on the taskbar. With this you could access the program from anywhere on the computer where you are.

1. Open the program that interests you. Then the icon will appear on the bar. Click on it with the right button .

2. Select the option Pin to taskbar . The icon will be automatically added to the bar. You can then move it at will. You just have to click on it and drag it to the position you consider appropriate.

more taskbar options

More options to configure the taskbar

Another way to configure and customize the Windows taskbar is by accessing the guts of the system settings.

1. Right-click on it and check the Settings option .

2. Once inside, you will have the option of controlling multiple parameters, such as blocking the taskbar directly or hiding it when you are working on the desktop.

3. From here you can also choose to make the buttons smaller .

4. From this same space you will be able to configure the notification area (it is the one that you have right on the right side of the bar and in which information about the date, time, system status, battery, etc. is usually offered).

taskbar icons

5. In the configuration section, choose the option Select the icons that will appear on the taskbar .

6. From this point you can remove or add all the icons you need. And that's it.