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Interest in the rental of caravans and motorhomes has grown in the last quarter by 68% compared to the rest of the months of the year in our country, according to data from Google Trends. On the Internet, there are many web pages that facilitate this same process without resorting to transport agencies. In fact, the number of companies that offer this type of service is very small. Most of the platforms that currently exist on the net are based on advertisements from individuals, with the consequent savings that this entails. On this occasion we have made a compilation with several websites to find and rent caravans in Spain for this summer .

The 5 most reliable websites to rent a car in Spain in 2020

Yescapa: motorhomes, camper vans and private VW van

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One of the best known platforms, if not the most, to rent vans, caravans and any vehicle with its own cabin. The website has more than 7,500 differentiated ads  and is present in most European Union countries, including Spain, Germany, France, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Italy.

The operation and interface of the web are very similar to those of Wallapop. After scheduling the departure and arrival days and the pick-up location, the page will allow us to make an appointment with the owner to pick up the vehicle. The advantage of Yescapa over other options that we can find on the Internet is that it has its own payment gateway , so we will not have to resort to cash payments or transfers to individuals. It also has an application for Android and iOS, from which we can contract any service.

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McRent, an automated caravan rental service

If Yescapa is one of the largest private caravan rental platforms in all of Europe, McRent is one of the continent's largest companies with professional caravan rental, with a presence in 17 countries within the European Union. Being a subsidiary of the German Dethleffs, the company's fleet is made up exclusively of vehicles of this brand. In fact, no motorhome is more than 2 years old , according to the data on the web.

It should be noted that the minimum age to be able to contract the services of the company is 25 years old. To this we must add that the motorhome insurance includes an excess of 750 euros that we will have to pay in case of material damage . Likewise, all damage to third parties will be covered by the insurance itself, with all-risk coverage with excess.

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M3 Caravaning, a cheaper alternative to McRent

M3 Caravaning was born as a company for the sale and vacation rental of motorhomes. In fact, the company has a multitude of motorhome models of the main brands on the market: Knaus, Fendt, Weinsberg, Pilote, Benimar, Morelo, Tabbert, Frankia, Levoyageur ... As it is not an automated service, the hiring of any service or product will have to be made through the company's customer service. To collect the vehicle, we will have to go to one of the company's sales points in Madrid or Barcelona, ​​where the entire fleet of motorhomes in Spain is stored.

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Indie Campers, a mixed website between private and professional caravans

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This website inherits the original philosophy of Yescapa, as it is composed of advertisements from individuals. The interesting thing about Indie Campers is that it has its own fleet of more than 1,000 motorhomes with less than 2 years old . Another advantage of the website compared to Yescapa is that it supports payments through PayPal, one of the safest methods on the Internet.

With regard to rental availability, the platform has a presence in the main European capitals . Madrid, Lisbon, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Milan, London, Rome, Porto, Paris, Amsterdam ...

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Auto Europe, another professional website with caravan rentals

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As its name suggests, the company operates internationally between different countries of the European Union. Being based on a professional service, the company has its own fleet of motorhomes , whose size is divided according to the places we want to hire: from 4 to 7 people, with a maximum length of 9.1 meters. It also has vehicles from several of the largest rental companies in the world, such as Alamo, AVIS, Dollar, Europcar, Hertz, National, SIXT and Budget, among others.

Continuing with the McRent philosophy, the minimum and maximum age of hire is 25 and 69 years . If the hiring person does not fall within this age range, Auto Europe reserves the right to charge an additional fee that will be added to the total cost of the rental.

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Mundovan, the Wallapop of the caravans

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The last option to rent motorhomes in Spain is Mundovan. The platform traces the aesthetics of Wallapop and even the colors and inherits the Yescapa rental system. The difference with respect to the latter is that all the ads are published by professional freelancers and companies , not by private users. In fact, the platform does not have its own payment gateway, since the contracting of the service depends on the company or professional outside the web.

From the website itself we can also see parking lots for motorhomes, campsites and areas adapted to this type of vehicle . It also has a section explicitly dedicated to the sale of motorhomes, as well as parts and certain workshop and repair services.

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