How to buy the Christmas lottery online

Just yesterday the announcement of this year's Christmas lottery was released. For the occasion, Loterías y Apuestas del Estado has wanted to count on the collaboration of the filmmaker Alejandro Amenábar . And he has done it by changing the tone of the advertisements of previous years a little, in which the tear was obviously used.

In any case, and in case you hadn't noticed yet, the premiere of the Christmas Lottery advertisement reminds us that you have to buy some tickets. If you are one of those who actively participate in the raffle and you usually stand in line at the administrations of each Spanish city you visit, it is clear that we will not discover the world for you.

But if you don't usually shop regularly, this may help. For a few years now, Internet users have had the opportunity to make lottery purchases over the Internet . In fact, most sweepstakes houses allow you to place bets online and even allow you to collect the prizes directly, without having to go to any window.

If you still do not have a tenth, we will tell you how to buy the Christmas lottery online .

Buy the Christmas lottery online

How to buy your tickets for El Gordo de Navidad

If you want to buy your tickets for the Christmas Gordo through the State Lotteries and Betting page, we recommend you go directly to this page. Here you will have to select the Christmas Draw option (€ 20) . Do it, because there are other giveaways to participate in, also here.

You can select your dream number. And for this, you can choose a random number. Or be yourself who chooses numbers and endings. Click on the corresponding buttons. And when you have decided what your lucky number will be, choose Add tenths . Then, if you are not registered, you will have to do it and carry out the purchase with a card.

online administrations to buy Christmas tickets

More online administrations to buy Christmas tickets

If you prefer to opt for other online administrations, instead of the official site, you also have options. There are different administrations in Spain that have already decided long ago to put the tickets up for sale online. La Bruixa d'Or is one of the most famous and offers the possibility of buying tickets online , without having to receive them at home. This way there is no risk of loss. Although if you prefer to have them in hand, you can also request them by courier.

manolita lottery

If you want to try your luck at Doña Manolita, you can too. Because this administration also has an online site to make the purchase of your tickets. In fact, both at Doña Manolita and La Bruixa d'Or offer you the possibility of saving shipping costs, buying the Christmas Lottery and the Children's Lottery together.

If you want to buy online in other administrations famous for distributing succulent prizes, you have to take a look at the online store of Lotería Valdés de Barcelona or Lotería Ormaechea de Bilbao.

Locate a point of sale

Locate a point of sale

If you can't find a specific number and you want to go in search of the lost tenth, you have another interesting option. And it is the tenth finder. On this State Lottery and Betting page you can indicate the number and date of the draw, which in this case is December 22, 2017 . Choose Extraordinary Christmas Giveaway.

If you click on Search, you will see all the lottery administrations in which that number is sold. And if one catches you close to home or you plan to travel there, you will have the opportunity to buy it directly. If you prefer to buy it online, instead of clicking on Search, do it on the Buy button .

Buying the Christmas lottery online, advantages

Buying the Christmas lottery online has many advantages. The first, and most important, that you don't have to move . If you live in a big city, such as Madrid, you will know that buying a tenth in Doña Manolita at this time is almost impossible. Well, there is nothing impossible: but be prepared to queue.

If you buy the tickets online, you will save you queuing and keep warm . You can also choose the numbers you want, so that if you are superstitious, it will not be necessary to limit yourself to the tenths that are in a certain administration. Nor will you have to travel to the point in Spain where that number is sold. You have them all at the click of a button.

More advantages. It will not be necessary for you to collect the prize . In principle, although everything will depend on the page through which you buy the tickets, if you win something, including a substantial prize, you can collect it directly from the account you have chosen.