These have been the most watched series on Netflix in 2017

These have been the most watched series on Netflix in 2017

Ce waffles, the adventures of Miss Jones and the rest of Marvel superheroes or the Narcos traffickers have filled the leisure hours of millions of users around the world. Not to mention that they have taken a few hours of sleep from others. Netflix is ​​still a favorite on-demand Internet service for many, and content is key. Especially the series, which seem to be the star of this service. Now, its data from 2017 leave us with many other curiosities to comment on .

The most notable is that there has been a subscriber who has seen Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl 365 times . Without a doubt a fan of the saga. And a staunch fan of movies, since a year, the average Netflix user only watches about 60 titles.

In total, among all Netflix customers, this 2017 140 million hours a day have been consumed in content . Which comes out, more or less, a billion hours a week. In addition, it is known that the day chosen to watch more hours of Netflix was, precisely, January 1. But Netflix curls the curl even more and informs us that, in 2017, more than 1,000 people have asked this service in social networks to marry him . How desperate single ”¦



Netflix has studied the consumption that its users make of the series. And he has listed which are the most "eaten" or which have been seen with a regularity of more than two hours a day. That is, the ones that have been marathoned .

  1. American vandal
  2. 3%
  3. 13 Reasons Why
  4. Anne with an E
  5. Riverdale
  6. Ungovernable
  7. Travellers
  8. The Keepers
  9. The OA
  10. The Confession Tapes

The most savored

Other series, however, have been enjoyed simmering. Or less with less than two hours of play on the day . Which translates to one-on-one chapters and not full-season binges. This is the listing.

  1. The Crown
  2. Big mouth
  3. Neo Yokio
  4. A series of unfortunate events
  5. GLOW
  6. Friends from College
  7. Ozark
  8. Atypical
  9. Dear white people
  10. Disjointed

The most unfaithful series

On Netflix they have also studied which are these series that you cannot endure without seeing. Those that, although you plan to see them with your partner, you end up seeing on your own because you cannot hold back . A list that also coincides with the best known and most popular. Will it have something to do with it?

  1. Narcos
  2. 13 Reasons Why
  3. Stranger things
  4. Orange is the New Black
  5. Sense8
  6. Black mirror
  7. Marvel - The Defenders
  8. Marvel - Iron Fist
  9. Ozark

Series to watch as a family

In the same way that series seen alone have been studied, series that are seen as a family do not go unnoticed . At least according to Netflix data. In this case we find stories of bullying, stories that remind us of the Goonies, the incombustible Gilmore Girls and other series rescued from memory:

  1. Stranger things
  2. 13 Reasons Why
  3. A series of unfortunate events
  4. Star Trek Discovery
  5. Gilmore Girls: A New Year
  6. Riverdale
  7. Fuller house
  8. Chef's Table
  9. Atypical
  10. Anne with E

New series to come

Along with all this content, Netflix also does not forget what is to come to its on-demand service over the Internet. Among these contents will be the new season of the superheroine Jessica Jones. And, continuing with the renowned series, Black Mirror and its fourth season, which has already released several trailers.

Also coming this month of December is the movie Bright , the first Netflix blockbuster that will star Will Smith. And Altered Carbon has not gone unnoticed , loaded with science fiction, although we will have to wait a little longer to hear from it.