LG 4K 43UD79-B, experience of using this 43-inch monitor

LG 4K 43UD79-B, experience of using this 43-inch monitor

43 inches is not mucus of turkey. Especially if we talk about a monitor. The LG 4K 43UD79-B reaches a width of more than 100 centimeters of screen and has 4K resolution. It is designed for those work environments in which you have to work with several tools at the same time. In these cases, the most normal thing is to see several screens in use scattered around the desktop. But LG's bet is focused on a single monitor capable of displaying the image from up to four different sources . To do this, it has four HDMI ports, a DisplayPort and a USB Type-C port.

In the office we wanted to test this bet first hand. These are my impressions after fiddling with the monitor for a few weeks. By the way, you can find it in stores for an approximate price of 700 euros .

LG 4K 43UD79-B, experience of using this 43-inch monitor 1

Data sheet LG 4K 43UD79-B

Diagonal42.5 inch
Resolution4K (3840 x 2160 pixels)
Panel typeIPS
Flat / CurvedFlat
Aspect ratio16: 9
Brightness and depth of color350 nits, 10bit
Response time5 ms
Contrast ratio1,000: 1
Refresh rate60 Hz
SupportDetachable base
SoundSpeakers 2 x 10W
Connectivity Display Port, 4 x HDMI, Headphone out, USB Type-C port
OthersRemote control, Reading mode, Division into 4 screens,
Dimensions967 x 275 x 647.6 millimeters (with base)
Weight20 kilos
Release dateAvailable
PriceAbout 700 euros

LG 4K 43UD79-B, experience of using this 43-inch monitor 2

Is more always better?

And it is a double question. Is it better to have multiple screens at work or just one large screen? And also, is a bigger and bigger screen better?

When viewing the LG 4K 43UD79-B these two questions arise naturally. We are facing a huge monitor , even if we think about the advancement of ever-larger screens (on mobile phones, on TV, on the monitors themselves ...). Its 43 inches are impressive , and it takes a lot of getting used to working with this format. At first, it even becomes dizzy to constantly turn your head to work with the panel corners.

It is evident that, unless you are a graphic developer, it is a monitor designed to work on a split screen. LG has done its part with up to four HDMI ports to display content from various sources. The company has deployed a multitude of options so you can configure the screen. Both in PiP (a small screen within a large one) and in classic split screen. In total, there are 14 different options. And they can be configured very comfortably through the remote.

But even if you don't use multiple devices, you can divide your PC desktop into parts to work better. In fact, this is the mode I've ended up working most of the time. With the screen split into four, you have the equivalent of four 21.5-inch monitors left.

What has been the experience? After a few days of adaptation, it is a very interesting screen to work with several applications and drag elements from one to another. When you go back to a smaller monitor, you will likely miss this freedom of movement. However, I have to admit that the 43 inches (42.5 actually) are still somewhat large for me. I think a similar performance could be achieved with 40 inches or even 32 inches. Especially if we are not going to be working all the time with 4 sources or simultaneous applications.

LG monitor remote

The comfort of the controller

The LG 4K 43UD79-B has the typical hidden wheel at the bottom of its panel to access the configuration options. However, one of its strengths is having a dedicated leadership. This command allows us to change the brightness of the monitor, the options to divide the screen or the game mode . Also to handle the sound directly. It seemed like a real success to me. It is comfortable, intuitive and with the most interesting options at hand. Without a doubt, an improvement over the typical handling of a monitor.

LG 4K 43UD79-B, experience of using this 43-inch monitor 3

Shocking sound for a monitor

Another of the great assets of this monitor that brings it closer to a TV. The LG 4K 43UD79-B has two 10W power speakers with more than remarkable performance. An option that you will enjoy a lot when you finish your day or are resting and want to see a movie or a series. Nothing to envy to many mid-range televisions on the market. In fact, this monitor can become an alternative to the traditional television for entertainment.

LG 4K 43UD79-B, experience of using this 43-inch monitor 4

Good image quality and various modes

The Korean company has opted for an IPS-type panel. This technology is not as impressive as OLED, but it has its advantages. Above all, viewing angles of up to 178 degrees both horizontally and vertically. Considering its size and the split screen, the 4K resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels is appreciated .

It boasts a brightness of 350 nits , which is a step up from what traditional monitors typically offer. In my experience, without being spectacular, it seems to me a more than correct brightness and in an office environment I have not had to put it near the maximum at any time. If it has a more direct impact from sunlight, you will probably have to bring it as close as possible.

To personalize the experience, this monitor incorporates a number of picture modes. For example, we have a game mode , which at the same time has several different configurations. And a reading mode , which I find very useful if we have to spend long periods of time in front of the screen reading. What this mode does is reduce harmful blue light. Other interesting modes are those of film or photo, depending on the content with which we work.

LG 4K 43UD79-B, experience of using this 43-inch monitor 5

Price and reviews

The price for which you can find this LG 4K monitor is around 700 euros . In short, a large monitor for the most demanding users. As for example graphic developers or workers who manage databases. Its strengths are the split screen options, its powerful 10W speakers or the option of using it as a television to use at times of use . It does not have an antenna, but for many it is not a problem at this point with proposals such as Netflix or HBO.

Personally, I consider it too large for a classic office environment. Even split screen. But it is true that we are increasingly demanding larger screens in all areas.