So you can print a protected PDF

So you can print a protected PDF

One of the advantages offered by the PDF standard is the possibility of protecting the files to prevent them from being edited and printed. This is something that can be very useful in various types of documents, such as invoices and confidential business documents. In this article we explain how you can print a protected PDF document , quite simply.

Surely you have ever encountered the need to print a certain PDF file, and you have been unpleasantly surprised that it is protected, so that it has been impossible for you to print it. Fortunately, there are several methods that can be used to print a protected PDF.

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Soda PDF Anywhere

Soda PDF Anywhere is an online service that allows you to unlock protected PDFs in order to print them and make the necessary modifications. This tool allows you to work with PDF files that have a maximum size of 20 MB.

The first step will be to enter the official website of this project. Once inside, you will see a search engine that you can use to locate the PDF file that you have stored on your PC, either on a hard drive on an external USB storage medium.

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Something very interesting about Soda PDF Anywhere is that it has integration with cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive, which will allow you to upload PDF files directly from these services. This will be very useful for people who work in teams and for companies, since different employees will be able to access all the files located in the same folder.

In both cases, once you have located the PDF that you want to unprotect, you just have to click the " Unblock " button . This will be enough to unlock a protected PDF, as long as the user has not decided to set a password.

If the user who has decided to lock the PDF file has done so by encrypting it with a password, you will need to know it to unlock the file.

The main disadvantage of using Soda PDF Anywhere is that your file will be uploaded to the company's servers , so you will not be able to control what happens to your file once it is uploaded. Soda PDF Anywhere says that all files uploaded to their servers are deleted within 24 hours, and they also ensure that no one reads their content.

Unlock protected PDF with Google Drive

Google Drive is another tool that we can use to print protected PDFs in a very simple way, as long as the user has decided not to encrypt them with a password.

In this case, what you need to do is access your Google Drive account , and after that you have to upload the file you want to print.

print a protected PDF with google drive

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Once your protected PDF file is uploaded to the Google Drive cloud, you just have to double click on the file to open it. Then you just have to use the printing tool that is included in Google Drive, you can do it in a very simple way using the key combination Ctrl + P. If you are using a Mac operating system you must use the key combination "Cmd + P ".

You can also access the printing tool from the menu located in the upper right corner of the interface.

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These are the two easiest ways that you can use to print a protected PDF. Remember that they will only work if the author of the PDF file has decided not to encrypt with a password.