We explain everything about the change from mytaxi to Free Now

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The transport business in large cities is constantly being renewed. Proof of this is the current change in the mytaxi company that has been renamed Free Now. This taxi application has not only changed its name but also its way of operating, offering very attractive options for its users . We expand all the details below.

The Free Now company opens in Madrid with an innovative vision and new offers, one of its objectives is clearly to face large companies such as Cabify and Uber. This company does not focus only on taxis, it implements other mobility services such as Hive skates. However, right now in Spain Free Now is focused on the world of taxis, unlike other countries such as Poland, Austria and Portugal, which has already undertaken more mobility options.

Closed rate in Madrid

At its premiere, Free Now has started in a big way with a new image and business strategy . Users who already used the mytaxi application will not notice major differences in the handling of the interface, they have to update the application and they will see the logo change, and the main initiative with which this renewal begins in the company.

When opening the new app, users already have the Lite option active. This possibility involves knowing the maximum closed price for the route to be hired . As the routes are marked, the price is established in a dynamic and clear way. This ensures the users more competitive prices. Since we will not only see from the beginning the maximum price that we will pay, but also at the end of the journey the cheapest price is paid. Therefore, if a price lower than the one indicated from the beginning appears on the meter, the lower price indicated by the meter will be paid. And if the meter shows a higher price, we will pay the one indicated previously. At all times we make sure that the price will not exceed in any case that reported after indicating the desired route.

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15% promotion

This new possibility is going to be implemented these days in the capital of Spain. Users will already be able to know in advance the maximum price that they will find when starting their route , something that will entail a discount of up to 15% compared to current prices for the vast majority of routes. What is expected with this new measure is to be more attractive in such a competitive market. The goal is to attract more customers, and to have full transparency for taxi drivers.

For taxi drivers this initiative will not result in losses, since Free Now takes care of the difference between the price marked by the meter and the lower price paid by the user . As reported by its managers, it is a firm commitment to the taxi business, pretending to have unbeatable prices for most of the journeys. It is expected to offer this same option in the rest of the Spanish provinces where Free Now operates, although right now it will only be applied in Madrid.

In recent years, the company has experienced good growth results, with about 18,000 drivers and more than 360,000 registered users . With the 15% promotion, a considerable increase in users is expected. In principle, the offer will last until the end of July although they aspire to extend it. Without a doubt, it represents a great challenge for this company that was already consolidated. Up to approximately 10 million euros will be invested to carry out an international campaign for the new brand.