How it works and what is Game Launcher for on the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Game Launcher on the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is Samsung's big bet for this first half of the year. A terminal formatted 5.5 inches with the screen curved on the sides and a set of processor and RAM that is unrivaled in the performance tests. And all this with an audio system to match to create a true portable console. To take advantage of these features, Samsung has deployed a specific tool called Game Launcher that allows you to manage different game parameters or record a game to share it later on YouTube . We tell you how it works and what Game Launcher is for in theSamsung Galaxy S7 edge.

Game Launcher is a "launcher" that works specifically with the games that we download to the phone. This tool is capable of automatically recognizing these games and placing them within its panel to personalize the experience. In case a title has not been recognized, it can be added through the option "Click here to add games not included in the list". Within this first screen there are two buttons that are basic. On the one hand, we have “No alerts when playing” . As its name suggests, what this feature does is silence the notifications that reach the phone in the middle of a game, so that they do not interrupt us.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge game launcher 02

The next button is "Game Tools", which is used to perform different functions in the middle of the game. From this panel we can only activate or deactivate these tools (Game Tools are configured within the game). We also have the option to  save energy when playing games. This is interesting if we are going to use a less powerful game or if we are running out of battery and want to extend the playing time . The options vary between "Off", "Save energy" and "Save energy to the maximum" . These last two lower the resolution of the game and also the frame rate from 60 frames per minute to 30 frames per minute.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge game launcher 03

Finally, from here we can access lists of the most popular games both by number of users and by playing time or rating . A very comfortable way to choose our new game. Or, we can watch the game videos of our favorite games on YouTube .

Game Tools in a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge game

Game Tools in a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge game

But, surely, where we find the greatest interest in Game Launcher is in its Game Tools. With this option active, a small icon will appear in a corner of the screen when we start a game on the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge . At any time you can click on the icon and open this panel with tools. From Game Tools we have buttons to activate or activate the function without alerts, block the backspace key to prevent us from leaving the game by mistake, minimize the game, capture the screen or record. This last option is the one that seems most interesting to us, since the content recorded on the screen can be easily shared with our friends through YouTube or WhatsApp (if it is a shorter video).