4 keys to the image quality of LG SUPER UHD televisions

4 keys to the image quality of LG SUPER UHD televisions

OLED technology may not be attractive to you for some reason. You may prefer a model with LED technology, but you don't want to give up on getting the best image quality. If that's your case, you can take a look at LG's SUPER UHD TVs . Because not all LED TVs are the same.

These LG TVs, located in the highest range with LCD technology, use Nano Cell technology to achieve the best image quality. In addition, depending on the chosen model, we can have the Full Array lighting system. There is no lack of the rest of the features that OLED TVs include, such as the 5 HDR systems, the Dolby Atmos sound or the best viewing angles. We are going to review the 4 keys that make LG SUPER UHD televisions a great alternative to OLED technology .

Full Array Dimming Pro

4 keys to the image quality of LG Full Array SUPER UHD televisions

The Full Array Dimming system places the LED backlight behind the screen , unlike Edge LED TVs, which place the lights around the edges.

What improvements are achieved with this system? By having more delimited lighting areas, the Full Array system is able to improve the contrast and achieve a more detailed image .

On the other hand, it reproduces deeper blacks without losing shadow detail , resulting in better contrast than Edge LED technology. The latter, when lighting from the sides, cannot prevent part of the screen from being illuminated that should not be illuminated.

The Full Array system is available on the two highest models in LG's SUPER UHD TV range , the SK9500 and SK8500 series.

Nano Cell Technology

4 keys to the image quality of LG Nano Cell SUPER UHD televisions

Nano Cells are 1nm diameter particles that are placed directly on the panel's liquid crystal. Its function is to  maintain a colorimetry above 90% of the DCI-P3 color space  (it is around 95%) and increase the brightness of the backlight (of the rear LEDs) without sacrificing the ability to reproduce color.

Nanoparticles absorb excess light and reduce the spread of color from RGB colors displayed on the screen . This results in an image with vivid and pure colors. In addition, it guarantees a wider range of darkness and brightness with better contrast.

To this we must add the incorporation of the new intelligent processor Alpha 7 . It features LG's exclusive processing technology for richer colors and a more detailed image.

Compatible with most HDR formats

4 keys to the image quality of LG Dolby Vision SUPER UHD televisions

High dynamic range images are the present and the future of television picture quality. Yes, it is true that 8K resolution is already being talked about, but there is still a long way to go before it actually reaches the market (and, honestly, I don't know to what extent it can be a revolution).

However, HDR is already very present in our lives. Services like Netflix already have a lot of HDR content. Consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One also include it in their games. Even with some mobiles we can already record our own videos in HDR. So it is very important that our next television is capable of playing all possible HDR formats .

Dolby Vision is perhaps the most exclusive HDR system, as very few manufacturers include it. But LG's SUPER UHD TVs, as well as OLEDs, are capable of reproducing it .

4 keys to the image quality of LG Technicolor SUPER UHD televisions

In addition to Dolby Vision, LG TVs are compatible with HDR10 and HLG systems . The latter covers future broadcasts in HDR format through television.

They even feature HDR Technicolor mode . Technicolor is a professional color studio involved in many Hollywood movies. This mode will allow us to enjoy the true vision of the color experts.

Better viewing angles

Most televisions distort colors if we don't see them from the front. LG SUPER UHD TVs display accurate colors without distortion from any angle. It achieves this thanks to the use of IPS panels  and also thanks to the Nano Cells.

4 keys to the image quality of LG SUPER UHD televisions viewing angles

Nanoparticles, as we have explained before, by absorbing excess light, reduce the spread of the color of the RGB colors displayed on the screen. This makes LG SUPER UHD TVs achieve vivid and pure colors from any angle .

And so far our review of the 4 main keys that explain the great image quality that LG SUPER UHD televisions achieve .