This is the catalog of Netflix movies and series in Spain


Netflix has already arrived in Spain. The most popular platform to watch series, movies or documentaries on the Internet comes with the intention of becoming the ideal companion for your Sunday afternoons or the nights after arriving at work. For a fixed amount per month (the price ranges between 8 and 12 euros ) users can enjoy the entire Netflix catalog , with series such as Homeland, Prision Break, Sense8 or Daredevil and movies from recent years as Origin, The Man of Steel or Untouchable. In addition, the platform's own productions such as "War Machine" with Brad Pitt, for example, have more and more weight.although it has not yet landed in Spain. We get into this platform to review the main titles that you will find on Netflix.

This platform allows you to enter up to four different profiles. The first step to enjoying movies and series is to choose three titles from the recommendations that Netflix offers . The reason for this choice is to help the service create a first list of personalized recommendations. It must be said, at least in my case the list combined good titles with some proposals far from my taste (Pokemon?) . As is normal with this type of recommender, Netflix learns from our use and must increasingly offer more accurate proposals. The main screen of the service is divided into "Popular on Netflix", "Trends now", "Recommendations for you" and "Spanish movies and TV series".


And now let's get down to business. As is normal, the platform will gradually bring new content, but now we are going to focus on what it already offers. Among the novelties that this service brings us, we must take into account the effort of Netflix to promote local titles. Thus, for example, we can recall the first season of "The Ministry of Time" , a series that has left a very good taste in the mouth. We will also enjoy “There Down” , a comedy series that takes many elements from “Eight Basque surnames” to get us a laugh. Or four seasons of “El Club de la Comedia” to listen to the best Spanish stand-ups.

If what you are looking for are movies, these are some of the titles that are being watched the most. On the one hand, we have "Untouchable", the highest grossing French film in history and a magnificent hymn to the friendship between two people from different worlds. Nor should we miss "Origin" , one of the masterpieces that Cristopher Nolan has left us with large doses of action and a story full of overflowing imagination. Other films that appear among the most viewed are "The Butler", "The Flight", "Shipwreck" or "Catch me if you can."

In the field of series, the series “Sense8” stands out in a special way , Netflix's own production and which has a very good reception among users. We also have titles like "Narcos", one of the latest releases on the platform , "Daredevil" that rescues the Marvel hero from that first disastrous movie (sorry Ben Affleck) or animated titles like "Family Guy". Related to this point, fans of Japanese anime have a good selection of titles. For example we have "Sword Art Online", in which a role-playing video game suddenly comes to life and becomes a game of life and death. Or a review of the "Pokémon" series .

Finally, for the little ones there is a separate section that can be accessed directly from the top bar. The interface colors are even changed to make it more cheerful and fun. Here titles like "Pepa Pig", "Lego City" or movies like "How to train your dragon" take center stage. These are some of the examples of what we will find on Netflix. If you want to try it, you have a free month.