8 series that you can watch in their entirety on YouTube

8 series that you can watch in their entirety on YouTube

The offer of audiovisual content has never been so great and so varied . The already established Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime will be joined in the near future by Apple and Disney proposals with an equally brutal offer.

In the midst of this streaming service war  , YouTube, the popular Google video platform, also wanted to bid for its share of the pie. A battle that he finally gave up for lost on September 24 .

Since then, all series and movies produced under the YouTube Originals brand are fully accessible to all users . That does not mean that YouTube does not make those productions profitable since either you swallow the advertising, or you skip it by going to the Premium version. However, there are certain productions intended only for Premium customers.

If you want to know what YouTube has to offer you in terms of series production, we present below some of the productions that have caught our attention the most.

Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai  is the direct sequel to the  Karate Kid film saga , which took its first steps back in 1984. On this occasion, we return to the protagonists of the original film 34 years later with totally different lives. Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) has become a successful businessman and family man, while Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) has not been as lucky as his rival and is determined to reopen the mythical Cobra Kai dojo.

If you liked the original films, you are in luck because there is no shortage of nostalgic winks to those productions . The series has two seasons, so far, of ten chapters, with a duration around 25-30 minutes per chapter. Relive the story of these two great rivals who meet again to solve their disagreements several decades later.

Step Up: High Water

Another series based on a successful movie franchise . This time we talk about Step Up: High Water , a teen drama that follows several students at a performing arts school in Atlanta.

The series regulars are American R&B singer NE-YO, actress and singer Naya Rivera and Faizon Love, along with newcomers Ashley Greene, Robin Givens and Jeremy Copeland in its second season.

Created by Holly Sorensen ('Now or Never'), the YouTube Originals series is produced by former lead actors in the films , Channing Tatum and his current wife Jenna Dewan Tatum.


Do you remember the movie a movie titled Jumper starring the then rising star Hayden Christensen after playing Anakin Skywalker himself in the Star Wars prequel trilogy? Well here we bring you its sequel.

The truth is that the YouTube Premium series offers much more than what its delusional and pretentious film gave us. At least this one takes itself seriously . We are facing a series of one hour per chapter much more intimate than the original film in which we are presented with a group of people with superpowers that are generated through intense trauma.


A series with a more than twisted black humor not suitable for all audiences. From the first season it has been cataloged with an ultra violent visual experience , and no wonder.

The story revolves around a scrawny teenager named Wayen (Mark McKenna), a boy thirsty for justice who embarks on a trip down the east coast of the United States with his girlfriend Del (Clara Bravo), to recover a Pontiac Trans Am model 78.

You have at your disposal the first season of ten chapters of half an hour each, of a series that has garnered rave reviews thanks not only to a risky proposal but also for presenting a solvent drama. You are not prepared for this .

Dallas & Robbery

We are going with an animation proposal for adults that gives off that acid humor that we like so much. 'Dallas & Robo'  tells us about the misadventures of a robot named Robo and Dallas Moonshiner , a space truck that transports its cargo across the galaxy.

In the original version, actress Kat Dennings (2 Broke Girls) voices space host Dallas Moonshiner, while WWE star wrestler John Cena dons the robot Robo. In addition, throughout the series we will see cameos and guest stars such as Jane Lynch, Giancarlo Esposito, Taran Killam and Clancy Brown .

Weird City

We are in Weird, a futuristic city, where citizens who have everything and those who have nothing are separated from each other by a fine line. A series by comedian Jordan Peele that consists of only six chapters and is presented as a light science fiction comedy. But the truth is that there is a lot of bad milk under that claim, since history also plays with the caricature of our own reality and the more than probable destination to which we are heading.

Single by 30

This romantic comedy introduces us to two high school friends who promise to marry if they remain single when they turn 30 . Of course, they meet again when one of them, Pete (Harry Shum Jr), unfortunately becomes in his thirties. In contrast, Joanna (Kina Grannis) still has 5 months to find a partner or they will have to marry each other.

Furze world wonders

The inventor and YouTube star Colin Furze, who has more than 5 million subscribers on his channel, brings us a crazy series of 10 chapters where we will witness his unusual inventions .

The proposal of the series consists of accompanying its eccentric protagonist throughout the creative process, from its conception and design to the construction of its hilarious creations .

If you were one of the fans of mythical series such as Myth Hunters or Megaconstructions, this is yours.