This is how works, the portal to download movies and series

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First it was SeriesYonkis and later . And now we have another space where series lovers can find links that redirect to content stored online on third-party websites and other pages for downloading content.

If you still do not know him, his name is and is creating a reputation as the great new favorite spot for fans of the series and movies . We have navigated in depth through this website to reveal the peculiarities of this online platform to download series and movies.

Unlike previous pages for viewing series, at the first essential requirement is to register. Without this registration it is impossible to enjoy the list of links to content. 

After a first contact, we realize that the that triumphed some five or six years ago seems to be one of the sources of inspiration for . The way of following series and the personalized wall have a way of use very similar to what used to.

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One of the main differences can be seen in the monetization system. And it is that every two or three clicks an advertisement, usually with erotic content, opens in a new tab. Beyond this, with its search engine we can locate practically any series that we want to see. Once we have located the file of the series that we want to see, we can mark it as a favorite (it offers several statuses), add it to the list or recommend it. If we choose to add to the list, the system automatically alert you on your wall homepage when a new chapter is available . I also have the option to mark the chapters as viewed manually.

It also dramatically improves the way we navigate Since the contents are not only accessed by search or through an endless list ordered alphabetically. At, when we enter the file for a film or series, we see the data of the actors, whose personal file can be accessed with just one click. Place where we can access all her filmography, with a good number of links to new content.

Beyond the classic features like rating a movie with stars, accessing the IMDB database, or updating information about the movie or series in question yourself, we want to stop at how links are indexed. And here we do find the classic external link access system that we saw first in SeriesYonkis and later in . On the one hand, the online display is accessed by default, changing the tab we find the links to download websites. And finally one of comments on the chapter in question. As usual, after clicking on the selected link, it redirects us to external content hosted on typical pages such as StreamCloud, VidSpot or Powvideo.

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It also has a tab with which you can access exclusive content for adults on a new page.