PADRE 2011, how to download the PADRE 2011 program for income tax return for free


The period in which Spanish citizens must settle accounts with the State begins . We refer, of course, to the new Income 2010 campaign . The same one that began last week with interesting news, such as the possibility of confirming the draft through the Internet , without the need to wait for the envelope to arrive at our address. Once we have the draft at our disposal, the citizen must check and modify the draft according to the information, invoices and other documents related to 2010 .


To do this, you can download the PADRE Program , a tool that will make the income tax return process much more agile . Next, we explain how to download it in a few simple steps .

1) Access the website of the Tax Agency . Specifically to the link that will take you directly to the  download of the 2010-2011 PADRE Program .

2) Once on the page, you will see that there is the possibility of downloading the tool for multiple platforms. Specifically, you should choose the one that corresponds to the operating system you use either Windows, Linux or Mac OS X . All you have to do is click on the 'Click to download' link for the program to download to your computer .

3) Immediately afterwards, the program will begin to install on your computer and you will simply have to follow the steps indicated.


The PADRE 2010 Program will be of great help to you to check the status of your draft , to modify it and ultimately, to see how it is more profitable for you to make this year's declaration . Remember that to install this program, you will have to have a Java Virtual Machine compatible with the SUN JRE version .