How to turn your Samsung Galaxy Mini into a GPS

How to turn your Samsung Galaxy Mini into a GPS 1

The Samsung Galaxy Mini is a mobile phone especially suitable for the youngest . In fact, on many occasions we have already told you about the advantages of the terminal with respect to the Samsung Galaxy S2 , the current flagship of the Korean company. In this way, if you are one of those who do not want to spend all their savings on a mobile phone and want to get started in the world of smart mobile telephony, the Samsung Galaxy Mini could be your ideal device. To begin, we must tell you that the phone has a screen of 3.14 inches and resolution of 320 x 240 pixels . Works through the operating systemAndroid 2.2 Froyo as standard, but can be updated to higher versions.

How to turn your Samsung Galaxy Mini into a GPS 2

You will see that incorporates a camera with sensor three - megapixel that will help us take photos in normal quality . It has a 160MB memory that can be expanded with microSD memory cards of up to 32GB , although a 2GB card already comes in the package . However, one of the most interesting functions has to do with the GPS function with A-GPS support that is integrated as standard and that can connect to the Google Maps service completely free of charge.

How to turn your Samsung Galaxy Mini into a GPS 3

But how can we turn the Samsung Galaxy Mini into a true GPS navigator ? Well, the truth is that the functions of this phone are so advanced that you can replace your dedicated browser with the Samsung Galaxy Mini . First of all, we recommend that you buy a bracket, if you don't have one, to properly install the phone in the car. Then, you will have to activate the GPS functions of the terminal. To start, go to the 'Settings'> 'Location and Security' section . From there you can activate the GPS satellite so that the phone can be located over the territory. Once this function is activated, you can now click on the Car Home application,surely pre-installed in your terminal. If you don't have it yet, go to the Android Market and download it for free.

How to turn your Samsung Galaxy Mini into a GPS 4

From now on you can start navigating through the streets of your city , receiving visual and voice instructions. You will be able to say your destination out loud and select your preferred destination. You will see that immediately afterwards the Google Maps and Google Maps Navigation services are activated , with the possibility of accessing Latitude and Places . As you progress, the voice of the navigator will tell you and you will have already started using your Samsung Galaxy Mini as a GPS navigator .