What happened to my Google Maps movement history?

What happened to my Google Maps movement history?

Have you entered your Google Maps movement history and you have absolutely nothing? Don't worry, it's not just because of the quarantine. Several users have reported the complete disappearance of their location history on Google Maps . Many of those affected say that the missing data is not only from the last few weeks, but for some years.

The Timeline feature of Google Maps is both very disturbing and very useful at the same time. If we think about our privacy it is a bit scary, since it is a function that saves all the places where we have been. We can deactivate it, but the truth is that it is a tremendously useful function, since it provides us with a history of the sites we have visited . This will allow us, for example, to see the name of that restaurant that we went to a few months ago and whose name we have forgotten.

The Google Maps Timeline of many users has disappeared

Our departure history may not be too impressive now, but Google Maps should continue to record even supermarket visits. However, some users have found that their timeline has simply disappeared .

The problem is that the history that has disappeared does not correspond only to the last weeks, since many of the users who have the problem assure that all the data previous to the beginning of May 2020 has been volatilized . Others, however, can see only a few months or years before the disappearance.

Google Maps chronology has disappeared

Actually, the problem seems to be that the application is not capable of displaying the data, and these have not disappeared from Google's databases. And it is that some affected users have verified their data in Google Takeout, verifying that the information is still present and associated with their Google account . That is, for some reason the Google Maps Timeline tool cannot access the data.

From Google they have communicated that the problem has already been identified and that they are working to offer a solution as soon as possible . In addition, a company spokesperson has confirmed that the Location History data has not been lost, it is still recorded in all users who have this function activated. So Google is working to recover the visibility of this data through the Chronology option of Google Maps, something that, according to company officials, will be achieved in the coming days.