What is Windows 10 Concentration Assistant and how to configure it

What is Windows 10 Concentration Assistant and how to configure it

A new work day begins. You turn on the computer, the programs that will facilitate the task at work and the pages necessary for it, such as your email manager. As the day goes by and your work is being completed, it is sometimes interrupted by annoying open page notifications, power notifications, etc. And sometimes our work requires that it be done with complete concentration, with nothing to intervene on the screen and entertain us. To cut the interruptions, in the version of Windows 10 April 2018 Update the 'Concentration Assistant' was created, a screen where we configure our computer to turn it into a less intrusive machine.

We teach you to configure the Windows 'Concentration Assistant' in a simple way so that your work is no longer interrupted except for what is strictly necessary.

How to set up Windows 10's 'Concentration Assistant'

To access the ' Concentration Assistant ' we are going to do the following.

We go to the Windows notification center and click on 'All settings'. If you already have a visible thumbnail for the wizard, tap it instead.

Windows 10 configuration

On the next screen we are going to choose the 'System' section. Within it, we click on the side section ' Concentration assistant '.

concentration assistant

We can configure the 'Concentration Assistant' in three different intensity levels .

  • Disabled. In this mode you will receive all notifications, notifications and alarms from applications and contacts.
  • Just priority . In this section we have the possibility of accessing a 'priority list' that we can create by adding applications for which we do want warnings. To do this we just have to click on 'Customize priority list'.

concentration assistant 02

Within this screen we are going to choose the contacts and applications that we want to enter the wizard's whitelist. To do this, we click on the '+' button and we are entering the allowed elements one by one .

contacts and applications

Here we can apply some ' automatic rules ' to the Focus Wizard. That is, we can tell you when we want it to be activated and for how long. In the screenshot below we can see what we can change.

Applying the automatic rules of the Windows 10 'Concentration Assistant'

automatic rules

First of all, we can tell the assistant to activate only during a certain period of time , for example, during our working hours, or for two hours so that a movie played in full screen is not annoyed by warning messages.

We can disable the warning messages when we duplicate the screen of our computer. What does this mean? Windows 10 allows us to send the screen of our computer, thanks to the wireless WiFi connection, to be able to see it on the TV without the need for HDMI cables. This mode avoids notices when we are watching a movie on television.

When we are playing a video game, the warning messages are not only annoying but they can ruin the experience and the game , on the way. If we activate this rule, the wizard will start as soon as it detects that we are playing a video game.

Also the 'Concentration Assistant', thanks to the location, can detect when we are at home, activating itself so as not to disturb you.