Netflix: payment methods when hiring the streaming service

Netflix: payment methods when hiring the streaming service

With its large catalog of series and movies, Netflix is ​​the queen of streaming video platforms. Subscribers enjoy your content from the comfort of their home or from their mobile device.  Without the annoying publicity and legally.

Your entire catalog is organized in a tag system: "recommendations", "genres", "recently added" and "my list" to create a totally personalized experience. Also, new content is added weekly.


How can we pay for it?

The platform receives subscription payments exclusively online and there are several modalities for the users to choose.

Credit card

The most popular and simplest way is by credit or debit card.  Very comfortable for people who have a bank account. There is the option of making the payment monthly on a regular basis. So you don't worry about having to make the payment every month.

What credit / debit cards does Netflix accept? :

  • It must be a Visa, MasterCard or American Express card.
  • It must be enabled for recurring e-commerce transactions. Also for international transactions.
  • The issuing bank must approve the payment authorization request.  Once it is accepted, Netflix receives the notice and accepts your card as a payment method.


If you don't want to, you have the option of not giving your bank card details. How? Through your Paypal account or a prepaid card such as Paysafecard . You only need to access your account and give it the authorization to make periodic payments. Each month the fee will be deducted automatically.


There is no physical place where you can pay for a subscription. T Endras to acquire Netflix gift cards to pay in advance. These cards are quite widespread and you can find them in electronics stores and some supermarkets. You have the option of making the payments monthly or at most up to 3.

Hiring through the platform

For hiring Netflix, the most important thing is to have an internet connection. Then you have to register on the web and enter the details of your card, Paypal account or gift card . Before you could enjoy a free one-month trial, but now it has been reduced to two weeks. Of course, there is no time to stay, so you can unsubscribe whenever you want.

Regarding payment plans, Netflix is ​​in the process of readjusting rates. This is due to the addition of more content and the introduction of new features in their services. This means a future price hike for new subscribers. Next, we show you the payment plans in force for Spain and their characteristics:

  • Basic plan: Allows you to have only one user on a standard definition (SD) screen and download titles to a phone or tablet. Available for  8 euros per month ,
  • Standard plan: this rate costs 11 euros per month . It allows two simultaneous users and can be streamed on two devices at the same time on high definition (HD) screens. It also allows you to download titles on two phones or tablets.
  • Premium plan: for 14 euros per month, it allows you to have up to 4 simultaneous users and stream on 4 devices at the same time on high definition (HD) and ultra high definition (UHD) screens.

Hiring through operators


With Vodafone

Vodafone was the first operator in Spain to include Netflix in its TV service. It has a wide range of channels and offers several packages with different content. So if you are a Vodafone TV user, you have the facility to include Netflix  and choose between any of the plans: basic, standard or premium, with the same rates.

Vodafone TV currently offers the following film and series packs, which can be contracted independently :

  • Seriefans Pack : includes all series from HBO Spain, Foxnow and AXN Now, TNT, Calle 13, Comedy Central, Cosmo, Syfy, XTRM, Fox, Fox Life, AXN, AXN White and AMC. It costs 10 euros per month.
  • Serielovers Pack : includes all the series but more complete than the Seriefans, includes the Starzplay platform and Movistar Series for 16 euros per month.
  • Cinefans Pack : for movie lovers, it includes all genres and for 12 euros per month.
  • Documentaries Pack : includes documentaries about science, adventure, history, nature or travel from the History, National Geographic or Discovery Chanel channels. It costs 8 euros per month.
  • Peques Pack : programs, movies and cartoons from channels such as Disney Junior, Nickelodeon or Canal Panda, among many others, for 5 euros per month.


With Movistar

If you also like football, you may be interested in hiring the Netflix- compatible Movistar Fusión service . These rates work as closed packages, so you will not be able to combine the services according to your preferences. The rates where you can contract Netflix will be "Movistar Fusión Selección", "Movistar Fusión Total" and "Movistar Fusión Total Plus".

To estimate prices, choosing the package with the most expensive rate, adding Netflix to our Movistar Fusion pack will cost us 193 euros per month . This includes four cell phone lines, four simultaneous high definition screens and all telecommunications bills included. It is an interesting offer to share expenses and save some money.


With Orange

If you are an Orange customer or want to contract its services, you can also purchase one of its packages and subscribe to Netflix :

  • Initial Love Rate and Medium Love Rate: they give you 3 months of free trial. Allows a standard quality screen user. Then 8 euros per month charged to your orange bill.
  • Intense Love Rate and Love Expert Rate: like the previous rate, 3 months of gift. A screen in standard quality. Then 8 euros per month charged to your orange bill.
  • Other rates: 2 users on 2 screens in HD quality for 11 euros per month.