10 HD images of the Samsung Galaxy S9

10 HD images of the Samsung Galaxy S9

It only takes a week to find out, after days and days of incessant rumors. Within the framework of the MWC, Samsung will officially present its new flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S9. And in the absence of 7 days, a series of photographs have been leaked that leave no room for imagination. It is a handful of images in very good quality that describe, to the millimeter, the new Samsung devices.

It has been thanks to the Winfuture website that we have learned about this leak, which allows us to see in all its splendor one of the most anticipated terminals by the Android community for this recently opened 2018. The filtered images of the Samsung Galaxy S9 correspond to the models in color black, coral blue and purple.

Samsung Galaxy S9

Midnight black color

samsung galaxy s9 front design

As can be seen in the images above, there is no noticeable difference between the designs of the current Samsung Galaxy S8 and its successor. Infinity screen, fingerprint sensor on the back (and not embedded under the screen) and placed under the photographic sensor. Next, we leave you this model in coral blue and purple colors.

Coral blue color

samsung galaxy s9 coral blue

We will not have a double camera sensor in the new Samsung Galaxy S9, leaving that privilege to its superior model, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Although we will have substantial improvements in both terminals: better focal aperture (so far, the largest view on a phone: 1.5) and definition in movable objects, as we saw in the teasers that both devices announced.

The front camera also comes with surprises: it will be able, as the iPhone X itself does, to turn our face into funny emoticons, either by emulating our face or adapting it to funny characters and animals.

samsung galaxy s9 photography

Purple color

samsung galaxy s9 purple

Another aspect that will improve in these new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 + is the one for the processor. The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 + will influence, to a large extent, in the Artificial Intelligence section. For this reason, the new Exynos 9810 processor will have a neural network engine that will learn from the use of the user to turn the telephone into a much more practical and useful machine.

design samsung galaxy s9

The versions that this Samsung Galaxy S9 will consist of will be 4 GB and, at a minimum, 64 GB of internal storage . It is unknown if it could be available, also a 128 GB version in European territory.

Samsung Galaxy S9 +

Coral blue color

As we said at the beginning, few changes in the design. The Samsung Galaxy S9 + will be larger than the Samsung Galaxy S9: 6.2 inches versus 5.8. Both will be built with a special aluminum-magnesium alloy , which will make them stronger and lighter and will be IP68 certified.

samsung galaxy s9 +

One aspect that we have not talked about and will improve is the battery. With each Exynos processor renewal, performance must improve: phones should consume less without having to cut back on efficiency and speed. In this new range we will have, on the part of the Samsung Galaxy S9, 3,000 mAh and, on the part of the Samsung Galaxy S9 +, 3,500 mAh. Both terminals will come out of the box with Android 8 Oreo, expected since it is the latest version of Google's operating system.

Purple color

samsung galaxy s9 + purple color

If we look closely, we can appreciate the double camera sensor of the Samsung Galaxy S9 +, a double camera that will delight all those who wish to further the possibilities of mobile photography without having to purchase a reflex camera.

10 high definition images of the Samsung Galaxy S9 1

Next week we will have doubts. Are these the authentic Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 + ?

via | winfuture