Word, PowerPoint and Excel Templates - New Year, New Calendar


2008 begins and you have to start organizing again. For this, it is convenient to get a calendar to highlight dates as important as summer holidays, your partner's birthday or the final of the European Soccer Cup.

Some are not enough with what they buy in the neighborhood parish. Others have lost the one that came as a gift in the party bag. And there are those who do not even look at the one that comes with the agenda that the Magi give them every year. Anyway, for those who still don't have a good almanac at hand, we bring you these templates for Microsoft Office, PowerPoint and Excel programs .

This first PowerPoint template is quite formal and austere . Although it has the advantage of offering one sheet for each month of the year. If you are better at handling Excel spreadsheet program, you have a 2008 calendar for months with elegant blue tones. Finally, this template for Word repeats the same basic scheme of the previous two . They all use one page for each month and are styled appropriate for offices, offices, and serious settings .


This other Excel template is a bit more enjoyable . All the months are included in the same sheet . If you need more space to annotate individual dates, you may prefer this Word template , which uses one page per month . Or maybe this other template in Excel, a version similar to the first one but with two columns instead of three.

Finally, this template for PowerPoint is the most striking and colorful of all. The sheets of each month are enlivened with photographs that refer to the season of the year to which they belong. Although Microsoft only lets Office owners download this template in its 2007 and legal version, since it checks before downloading if the program is a pirated copy or not .