Samsung LED ES6100 Smart TV, in-depth analysis

samsung es6100

Family ES6100 from Samsung is composed of very complete TV sets, perfect for those who want to enjoy their favorite TV shows, watch a movie from a DVD or Blu-ray, DVD and even play video games. In these fields they display all their abilities brilliantly. They can also work with three-dimensional video images . But they lack other features, such as the 2D to 3D video converter, a technology that does not convince everyone and that not all users need. They have a headphone jack, but no open browser to get the most out of the internet. Various sites and applications can be accessed from the icons on the screen.

It is a series of televisions that is available in various screen diagonals: 32, 37, 40, 46, 50, 55 and 60 inches , under the respective names of UE32ES6100, UE37ES6100, UE40ES6100, UE46ES6100, UE50ES6100, UE55ES6100, and UE60ES6100 . They have prices that range between 700 euros for the smallest model and 2,500 for the 60-inch giant.

samsung es6100


The members of this Samsung ES6100 family look elegant, fine, and very well finished. The fact that they are not the manufacturer's high-end does not mean that they have not invested effort and money in their design. On the contrary. They are LCD screens with LED backlighting on the edges where the image takes all the prominence, with a D2 design bezel, an Edge LED paneland a One Design case. In principle they rest on a foot with the shape of a blade, with four legs, but they can perfectly be hung on the wall. Its image panel offers good dynamic contrast, although it has no local control, what they call Micro Dimming. In most uses and applications, it will hardly be missed, especially since it takes full advantage of Full HD resolution , and displays excellent color reproduction capabilities thanks to Wide Color Enhancer Plus technology. What it does not have is an Ultra Clear panel, like other TVs from the manufacturer.

They offer a good filter package aimed at removing digital noise and image artifacts so that it shines in all its quality. They have a refresh rate of 200 Hz. That is why they are capable of reproducing images in three dimensions, from, for example, Blu-ray 3D movies . Whoever also needs one of those converters that pass the images from two to three dimensions, will have to choose other screens in the house, but making sure before that the extra investment that he has to make will be worth it.

samsung es6100


With sound we are going to face the same deficiency that affects practically all slim televisions. It is more than enough for most normal applications, such as watching a television series or the news, but whoever wants something more can be left with the desire. On a screen that is barely 5 centimeters thick, there is not much room to develop a good load of bass. In this case, the family of TVs ES6100 brings speakers full - range Type Down Firing, which accounts summarized means pointing straight down, which is possible them out some more performance placed on a small table hanging on the wall , but not much else.

For home cinema or video game applications, if the user is very demanding, it is advisable to make an extra investment and purchase, at least, a sound bar, although a home cinema system with all its speakers is much better. All family members deliver a power of 2 10 W . All of them also have a headphone output that is very useful for those listening in the wee hours of the morning without disturbing the neighbors. The general sound of these televisions can be improved a bit by fiddling with the audio parameters, and choosing the most suitable for each situation. This is why it has various equalizations and some room effects.

Finally, there is support for multichannel sound. It is not worth buying a television that does not support the latest in home theater standards. For this reason, the televisions of this Samsung range have Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Pulse, DTS 2.0 and SRS TheaterSound HD, and an optical digital sound output.

samsung es6100

Smart features

The Samsung ES6100 TVs do not have an open web browser, but there will be no problems when using certain applications such as your favorite social networks or Skype anyway. Just go to the icons on the screen representing the various applications installed on the system. These can also be downloaded from Samsung Apps .

The truth is that all members of this family benefit from the features of the Samsung Smart TV platform and the AllShare capacity, which thanks to its DLNA compatibility will allow the playback of content hosted on other devices connected to the home network. Similarly, from these televisions it is possible to play the videos online with the Samsung Your Video application.

samsung es6100


The connectivity is quite complete, especially if we consider that these are screens with a very reasonable price. They have hardly forgotten any details, and with one of the televisions in this ES6100 series it is possible to configure and complete a home theater system to show off with visitors. This is why this design has three HDMI digital video inputs . You can connect a variety of high-definition sources without complicating your life. As not everyone has high-quality sources, also a component video input and a composite video input that will be especially those with game consoles or cameras that are not up to date. They also have three USB 2.0 ports capable of playing photos, movies and videos.

DLNA compatibility is a great resource when it comes to streaming music, movies, and photos. On the one hand, there is an Ethernet port , perfect for those who have the router close to the television. They are also compatible with wireless networks, which eliminates the cable from the equation. Many users have bought a television of this family to play video games, for this they have an image input for a computer, and another for stereo audio.


Intensive gamers, who need large screens to fully immerse themselves in the excitement of the game, normal users who need a lot of intelligence on their television, and who want a screen to watch television and for certain cinema or football sessions with friends, they are candidates to become buyers of these devices. In fact, younger audiences can benefit from those low prices that put modern imaging technologies at their fingertips without draining their pockets too much. Plus, especially the 32-inch and 40-inch models, they can be great as second televisions, to fit in a large apartment or vacation home.

Data sheet

PanelEdge LED backlit LCD
Screen Diagonals32 inch

37 inches

40 inch

46 inches

50 inch

55 inch

60 inch

3DActive 3D
Soda200 Hz
SoundDolby Digital Plus

Dolby Pulse

DTS 2.0

SRS TheaterSound HD

SpeakersFull range


2 x 10 W

Connectivity3 HDMI


Component video input

Composite video input

Optical digital audio output

Stereo audio input

Stereo audio output



Target priceUE32ES6100: 699 euros

UE37ES6100: 799 euros

UE40ES6100: 899 euros

UE46ES6100: 1,099 euros

UE50ES6100: 1,599 euros

UE55ES6100: 1,699 euros

UE60ES6100: 2,499 euros

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