Omron HeartGuide, the first portable watch-shaped blood pressure monitor

Omron HeartGuide, the first portable watch-shaped blood pressure monitor

Omron Healthcare is a well-known manufacturer of medical equipment for health monitoring and therapy. During CES 2019 they presented the new Omron HeartGuide, the first portable blood pressure monitor made in the shape of a wristwatch . A device that includes parts and technology that miniaturize the components for traditional oscillometric measurement. The device is already approved by the FDA and is available in the United States at a price of $ 500.

The Omron HeartGuide features a sleek and stylish design. It works the same way as the blood pressure cuffs we see in the doctor's office. In other words, it uses oscillometric technology for accurate and automated blood pressure measurement . Inside the watch strap we have a bracelet to take a blood pressure reading. This system offers a much more reliable blood pressure reading than other devices that rely on sensor technology. The latter provide only estimates of blood pressure, never actual readings.

The device has a battery that lasts between 2 and 3 days . The autonomy depends on the frequency of use of the measurement functions. The Omron HeartGuide features a high-color, backlit transflective display . This allows easy reading of blood pressure measurements in any type of lighting. Plus, it helps conserve battery life.

According to a recent study published by the medical journal The Lancet, regular self-monitoring of blood pressure can reduce the risk of stroke by up to 20% . In addition, it reduces the risk of coronary artery disease by 10%.

Also works as a smart watch

The Omron HeartGuide is not limited to measuring blood pressure. It also has the functionality of a smart watch . That is, it provides notifications by email, calls and text messages.

In addition, it tracks all of our physical activity , such as steps, aerobic steps, calories burned, and distance traveled. With the Omron HeartGuide we can also monitor sleep activity. It is able to detect a state of deep sleep or light and restless sleep. And, how could it be otherwise, it also has a heart rate meter.

Price and availability

portable blood pressure monitor Omron HeartGuide

The Omron HeartGuide is already sold in the United States with a price of $ 500 . At the moment the manufacturer has not revealed whether or not this device will arrive in Europe.