The bicycle of the future in 10 inventions

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Technological advances also apply to such rudimentary means of locomotion as bicycles. Ecological awareness has made that, day by day, many more people choose to travel by bike to their places of leisure and work. In addition, the progressive incorporation of exclusive lanes for bicycles has also been an important support to put aside the smoke from the car and hit the pedal. Physical exercise, comfort and ecological awareness are three elements that make a bicycle triumph over other vehicles, although cars continue to have the upper hand.

As we pointed out at the beginning, technological advances also point to the bicycle sector. And we are going to share with you 10 inventions that can greatly improve this means of locomotion. To do this, we have relied on this illustrative video, taken from YouTube, from which we have selected 10 inventions that could define the bicycle of the future. Are you accompanying us on this trip, of course without smoke?

Electron Wheel 2.0

Do you want to turn your normal bicycle into an electrified vehicle? With Electron Wheel you can get it. The Electron Wheel contains a combined motor with smart sensors and a separate battery. You just have to replace the front wheel of your current bike and feel the power of the electric bike at your feet. It does not need cables or any cumbersome tie-downs to function and the brand ensures that it can be installed in a matter of seconds. In the following video you will see how the Electron Wheel works, which has a sale price of $ 900, about 770 euros to change.


We continue with the wheels of the bicycle to talk now about the Retyre. It is a modular tire system with an integrated rack that allows you to switch between them, depending on the terrain you are driving on, in a matter of seconds. With Retyre you will change the physical conditions and attributes of your tires in a tremendously simple way and they are made of a resistant and durable material. It is ideal for those who do not want to change their bike between the city and the countryside. In the following video you can see the product in more detail.

GO LED backpack

An indissoluble accessory to the bicycle. It is a backpack that, on the front, is covered with LED lights to ensure better circulation on the road, indicating to the rest of the traffic where you are going to go. The Port Designs company is behind the invention of this peculiar backpack that wants to avoid the traffic accidents in which cyclists are involved every day. The backpack's LED lights are controlled by a small device attached to the bike's handlebar. In this video you can see the backpack in action.

Monkey Light Automatic

One of the biggest challenges an urban cyclist faces is night and dark. One light bulb is sometimes not enough and the dangers of poor visibility in the city when it gets dark are obvious. With Monkey Light Automatic this danger is weakened, as your wheels can project lights that can be seen at great distances, in addition to being of various colors and even twinkling in the dark. Thus, any car at dawn will know that there is a vehicle near it. We leave you with a video in which you can see the Monkey Light Automatic in more depth.


An all-terrain bicycle with an electric motor, which according to the brand itself is ideal for hunters, and which has two thick front wheels and one rear. And it is all-terrain because, in addition to being silent, it can be used both for the arid field, being able to climb steep dunes, as well as for the snow, reaching speeds of 24 kilometers per hour with the engine alone and almost 50 kilometers per hour if you pedal and activate, at the same time, the engine. Its battery is fully charged within 5 hours and a trailer can be added if your adventure requires it.


According to the official website of Bikesphere, it is a device to install in the lights of your bicycle to scan, at all times, the dangers that may surround you. An invention developed by Michelin and with which we will be able to detect when a car is, for example, getting closer to us than it should.

Vello Bike

This is the self-proclaimed lightest folding, portable and electric bicycle on the market. The battery also charges while you pedal, so you don't need to have it connected to the electrical network. It also connects with a mobile app to mark your route and block the bicycle to make thefts more complicated. In this video you can learn more about the Vello Bike.

Haiku GPS

Under this poetic name hides a small location device for your bike. Its screen has an interface with solid colors and large and clear numbers and its operation is simple and does not distract the driver from the rest of the traffic in the city. You can add a route in the smartphone application and, automatically, it is registered in the Haiku, taking you without loss.

Gi FlyBike

'The first electric bike that folds in a second', reads the promotional video of the Gi FlyBike. With a simple twist of the wrist, the bike is completely folded in two in no time. That is why the bicycle, in sight, has a futuristic and elegant point that makes it different from the others.