How to enable or disable emergency alerts in Android 5.0 Lollipop

Emergency Alerts

It is possible that you did not know that it exists and if you did, that you have never used this option. Despite that, you should know that you have it at your disposal. In fact, it is intended for all those Android users who frequently reside or travel to potentially dangerous areas, in which natural disasters often occur quite commonly . We talk about the Emergency Alerts or Emergency Alert , a feature that can turn on any computer with Android used to alert users of any circumstance or situation dangerous or life - threatening emergency. When disaster strikes our area, the emergency broadcast or communication is sent automatically to users in that region through the GSM or UMTS networks . These are short messages that warn about what has happened through a high frequency sound signal and different vibrations, in order to attract the attention of the owner of the phone.

And how could it be otherwise, this service is also operating on Android 5.0 Lollipop , the latest version of the Google platform . But do you know how to activate it on an updated phone? We tell you how to start or deactivate this same option in a few simple steps.

Nexus 6 01

1) The first thing you have to do is turn on your phone and access the Settings section , after having accessed the main menu of the device .

2) Next, go to the WiFi and wireless networks tab . Just below the WiFi, Bluetooth and Data Usage options you will find three ellipsis with the legend More . Press here.

3) Within this window choose the Emergency Transmissions option . Here is one of the most relevant points. By accessing this space you will have the opportunity to select for what type of circumstances you want to be notified. You can activate extreme and / or severe threats , child abduction alerts , or warnings related to dangerous tsunamis or life-threatening weather events. Select the alerts you want or deselect those that don't interest you.

4) But things don't end here. Within the configuration options you can also choose how you want to receive notifications . Select the duration of the alert chime, the possibility of hearing repetitions or the vibration effects, among other more specific options.

To deactivate the sending of emergency notifications on your mobile with Android 5.0 Lollipop you will only have to go back the same way and click on the icons to remove the selection, always being able to choose between those types of emergency that may be relevant to your environment (family , co-workers, neighbors, etc.) or those who can really affect you because your life is in danger.

Cover photo: Ognjen Odobasic