Samsung DV150F and ST150F, the low-end also with WiFi


The Koreans from Samsung have come to the technology fair in Las Vegas (CES 2013) wanting to show off new products. A full range of products including six cameras . The small Samsung DV150F and ST150F are basic models, although the brand has endowed them with very interesting features. They are practically the same as each other, except for the front screen.

And is that the Samsung DV150F includes a screen on the front to take self-portraits. It is not a new idea, we had already seen it in models with more than a year old, but it seems that the formula has worked, and Samsung has wanted to keep at least one of these cameras in its catalog.

Self-portraits are all the rage on social media, and having a screen on the front of the camera makes taking them much easier. It's a fun way to take photos with friends without having to turn to a mirror or leave your camera in the hands of strangers . The technical characteristics are practically the same between both cameras except for this screen and a slight change in size on the rear screen.


Otherwise, they have a 16.2 megapixel sensor, more than enough for most users. The lens is zoom type with five times, which in traditional photography is equivalent to 25 - 125 mm. They are not spectacular values, but the objective of these cameras is not to be the most advanced on the market. The DV150F has a 2.7-inch rear screen, while that of the ST150F grows a bit to three inches.

They are compact entry-level cameras, with basic functions and fully automated operation. The user does not have to worry about anything other than turning the camera on and pressing the shutter button. Even so, they have the star function of today's cameras: the WiFi connection.

Having such a connection can completely change our conception of a compact camera. And the thing that normally weighs most on these teams is the slowness with which we share the photos. Nowadays it is very easy to take a photo with the mobile camera and immediately send it to a friend. The quality is not anywhere near what we can obtain with one of these compact, but the image is in seconds on a social network or on someone else's mobile.

That is why Samsung has decided to integrate the WiFi connection in its entire range of cameras for this 2013 . Thanks to it we can share the photos if we have one of these connections at hand, but the most important thing is what we can do if we link the camera to a smartphone . In this way, we can use the mobile's 3G connection to share photos anywhere or use the mobile as a camera accessory. If we are recording a video, we can see what we record on the mobile screen, or shoot the camera remotely thanks to the phone.

The prices that we know so far are what they will have in the United States, since the availability has not been announced or what they will cost in Europe. On the other side of the Atlantic, the Samsung ST130F will cost around $ 130, while the DV150F will cost a bit more, reaching $ 150.