Windows 7, free - How to download it and the keys on this version


Windows 7, free. Microsoft is at its premiere. The North American giant has just published the penultimate or previous version of its next operating system: Windows 7 . Microsoft practically monopolizes the world computer market and now presents in society a version called Release Candidate of the system that will dominate the vast majority of the world's computers.

This version is the penultimate or, rather, the last that Microsoft offers before starting to manufacture the boxes of the future Windows 7 . It is the last chance they have to tweak code, improve some things or fix bugs before the final release. This final beta is offered for free with the idea that programmers, computer experts can put it to the test. And thus provide suggestions, point out bugs, before the final product.

How and where to download this Windows 7 for free ? Are there risks? Until when can it be used? Here are all the answers ...


To download Windows 7 for free , just go to this Microsoft website . The first thing we find is the possibility of choosing the language, including Windows 7 in Spanish . And the two different versions, the 32 or 64 bits , depending on the type of computer we have. Although, most users will need the 32-bit one . And only the most advanced will have 64-bit processors .

Then, you just have to use a user account associated with Microsoft's services , such as a email account . And if you don't have it, it is created in a moment. Next, you have to answer a short form with basic personal data and finally a page with a serial number appears . Number to write down to be used later when installing Windows 7 on the computer. And arm yourself with patience because the download occupies no less than 2.46 GB .


What is downloaded to the computer is a file with an .iso extension . It is a disc image that is used to create a DVD (it does not fit on a CD with that size) with our downloaded copy of Windows 7 . And now, ready to install on a computer.

According to Microsoft's forecasts , some three million people will download Windows 7 these days . The version will be valid until June 1, 2010 . Before, from March 1, 2010, the computer will shut down every two hours. A thank you that is not an innocent or bad taste joke. But a peculiar way to warn the user that his copy of Windows is about to expire. What do not you believe? Look at the instructions posted by Microsoft .

In fact, even in the absence of official confirmation, it is expected that Windows 7 will begin to be sold next fall , so there will be several months in which there will be many who enjoy the operating system for free while others have paid for it.

But it should be clarified that this preliminary Windows 7 may have bugs , give problems with other programs or with the equipment we use. And it is that the industry has not yet created the necessary updates for some programs and devices to work well.

According to Microsoft and the first users who have tried it, the new operating system from Bill Gates' company does not have as many warning windows as its predecessor Windows Vista . A function that has caused more than one anger. If this is your case, here is how to remove Windows Vista warnings .

A specific version of Windows 7 will also be created for netbooks (low-cost laptops). These are more and more numerous and Microsoft has lost a lot of market with them due to the problems that Vista caused . In fact, most still work with Windows XP .