So are the Photoshop retouching of Victoria's Secret models


Photographic retouching is the order of the day, not only in the professional world but also in the more amateur world. Today everyone has applications that allow them to improve their appearance, mainly in the case of selfies, where the range of applications that allow us to improve our skin or gesture is totally disproportionate.

Well, if we focus on the professional field and talk about models of the caliber of, for example, Playboy or Victoria's Secret, things go much further. They sell us a body, an image with which to get excited, a leitmotif in the case of women, who need to achieve despite everything and after all that we discover that it is not real, that those women who show us the ads are not ivory nor ebony, that her manes and perfect curves are not even her own. And we do not say it, they have said it themselves, tired of the tyranny of the image to which they are subjected.before and after

A worker from the famous modeling company has spoken and deciphered secrets as sordid as they are depressing about the secret behind Victoria's beautiful angels. The professional in question, who has decided to use Sarah as a false name, has worked on the photoshoots for the Victoria's Secret firm and talks about excessive retouching, and not only in post-production, but during the photographic sets themselves . Retouching has always existed, the first ones were practiced (and are still being practiced) by manipulating the light to achieve effects, as they say in the trade “there are no ugly people but poorly lit”, but what we are talking about goes much further than a few light games. Sarah says that long before these images reach the retouching, the bodies of the models are already being adulterated . Fillers are used , even in bikinis and bras, hair extensions, wigs, false eyelashes ... 

After photographing the models with retouching in situ, the most surprising part will arrive, the retouching using Photoshop . According to Sarah, this retouch is  not used to lose weight to the model , as we believe, but for the opposite. Chest, hips and curves are added, because according to the protagonist of these controversial statements "the models are too thin even for those campaigns."

So the question comes to us, if we have to "engolardar them" why don't they use models of larger sizes from the beginning? Question to which Sarah responds with a "why does not sell". Brands know that unapproachable beauty models sell more than reality. Sad but true.

The specialist also says that the retouching of the photos is so excessive that many models do not even wax, since with retouching they will remove even the shadow of the armpits.

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But this Victoria's Secret is not an isolated case, even in Spain some celebrities like the actress Inma Cuesta , have come to denounce the retouching of their photos after the sessions. The actress even published on her Instagram account the tremendous retouch that El Periódico made on the photo that they used for the cover as a protest.

Fortunately, a very critical current is emerging with this type of retouching. In the world of fashion, the success of the so-called plus size or “curvy” models is closely matched by the idea of ending the unreal beauty standard that has dominated magazines, music and society in general for many years. In the world of music, artists like Meghan Trainor defend a greater respect for bodies that do not marry the very harmful 60-90-60 (or even 50-70-50). And it 's not just a pose, as the singer herself demanded to withdraw one of your videos after retouched his body to make it appear thinner.