New Super Mario Bros 3, the revamped Super Mario classic, and free to download


A character in the world of videogames that we all know is Super Mario , Nintendo's most famous plumber . And today we get a new game in which he appears as the protagonist, New Super Mario Bros 3 . It is nothing less than a reissue of one of his first titles, Super Mario Bros 3 . But this time, it comes with improved graphics , equal to those of the recent New Super Mario Bros, for the Nintendo DS portable console .

However, the most curious thing of all is that the game was not made by Nintendo, as one might expect. And it comes from the hand of a fan of this saga, who has dedicated a huge effort to improve it. So we can find this entire game, and many levels from other editions, with a much better appearance, and loaded with new secrets. Although the best of all is that we can also find it totally free .

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