Panasonic TX-CX800E

Panasonic TX-CX800

Your Expert RecommendedWith LED screens, 4K resolution and of course, Smart TV mode , the Panasonic CX800E range of televisions are presented as an option to take into account if we are thinking of a high-end equipment. They are available in versions of 40, 50, 55 and 65 inches , all of them with a careful design and a good number of functions and process modes, among which the Local Dimming Pro backlight management , the 4K Studio Master processing , the system Firefox OS operating with my Home Screen 2.0 and In-House TV Streaming mode to share images from the tuner over our network.

Panasonic TX-CX800


The range CX800E Panasonic comprises four models, starting with the TX-40CX800E screen 40 inches, along with the TX-50CX800 50 inch and ending in the TX-55CX800E and TX-65CX800E of 55 and 65 inchesrespectively. All offer a discreet but elegant look featuring a narrow screen frame finished in a dark gray tone and marked by the successful design of the table stands or legs. These brackets are located in the lower corners of the television, and thanks to their triangular design based on two bars that maintain the empty space between both sections, they manage to convey a modern and light feeling that undoubtedly suits screens of this size very well. especially in the 65-inch version .

For the rest, we have already mentioned the discretion in the design of these TX-CX800E , which shies away from stridency and more spatial tones to focus on an elegant appearance and which gives all the prominence to the led panel. In fact, the only note of color on the entire case is the brand logo located in the center of the lower screen frame.

Panasonic TX-CX800


As we have already mentioned above, the real protagonist when looking at the Panasonic CX800E (and any other television, of course) is undoubtedly the LED screen that all versions equip. This screen is composed of an LCD panel that uses a rear array-shaped led backlight system that can control a large number of LEDs independently, increasing or decreasing their intensity depending on the needs of the image that is being emitted. at that moment. The objective of this system, called Local Dimming Pro , is to increase the contrast of the screen and improve the detail and depth of the shadows and dark tones.

On the other hand, the 4K / Ultra HD resolution that the screen is capable of offering places the TX-CX800E at the top in terms of image quality. With a number of pixels four times higher than the standard Full HD reigned as the highest quality available on TVs and displays until recently, the 4K offers composite images of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels . Its performance is controlled by the 4K Studio Master Processor processing engine that features technologies inspired by plasma televisions and Panasonic's range of professional equipment . In addition, Wide Color Phosphor technologyDeveloped by the Japanese firm and based on the use of blue LEDs covered by a phosphor layer, they allow these televisions to obtain a purer white light than with conventional white LEDs , according to Panasonic .

Panasonic TX-CX800


Like the rest of the technical characteristics, the audio equipment is identical in the four models of the CX800E , a detail that will undoubtedly celebrate those who have a lower budget and opt for the 40-inch model . In any case, the audio equipment has two mid-high speakers that are accompanied by two woofers and a passive radiator to emphasize the lower frequencies. The system supports Dolby Digital Plus and is equipped with three sound modes (Standard, Music and Ambience), plus a user-customizable setting. The total power of the audio equipment is 40 watts .

Panasonic TX-CX800

Smart tv

As in all televisions of this level, the CX800E incorporates connection to the network through its Ethernet connection but also through a WiFi port , so they can access all kinds of on-demand content on the Internet. Mode Smart TV of CX800E is managed by the operating system Firefox OS from Mozilla , and has a portal startup called my Home Screen (my Home screen) that will allow users to access all channels, applications and devices connected in a fast and intuitive way. All the Smart TV functionality of the CX800Eit moves thanks to a quad-core processor that offers enough power to run applications and games with ease, or to lose ourselves on the web as we would with a computer thanks to the built-in web browser.

The connection to the network allows us to enjoy the In House TV Streaming function through which we can send the images of any channel that we have tuned in with the CX800E to another connected television that we have at home. This has the advantage that when choosing the place to install a second television, it will not be necessary to worry about whether we have an antenna outlet nearby, since through the WiFi network we will be able to see the channels that the CX will be transmitting- 800E .

Panasonic TX-CX800

Data sheet

Panasonic TX-CX800E






Size40/50/55/65 inches
Resolution4K / Ultra HD (3,840 x 2,160 pixels)
TechnologyLCD LED
characteristicsLocal Dimming Pro

4K Studio Master Processor

THX certification

4K Pure Direct

Studio Master Color

Isf mode



Dimensions without standTX-40CX800E: 899 í— 518 í— 46 mm TX-50CX800E: 1121 x 652 x 46 mm

TX-55CX800E: 1237 x 719 x 54 mm

TX-65CX800E: 1456 x 842 x 61 mm

Weight without stand12.5 kg - 18 kg - 22 kg - 27 kg


TechnologyVR-Audio Master Surround 2.1

Dolby Digital Plus

Sound modes: Standard / Music / Ambience / User

SpeakersSquaker x 2, Woofer x 2, Quad Passive Radiator

40 W (10 W x 2 + 10 W x 2)


With cables3x HDMI (4K 60 / 50p with HDCP2.2, audio return channel in 2)

3x USB (1x USB 3.0)

1 x LAN

2 x IC

1 x SD card slot

1 x Scart connector

1 x Component video input shared with composite

1 x Optical digital audio output

1 x Headphone output

Without cablesWifi


Smart tv

Featuresmy Home Screen 2.0

my Stream

Voice assistant

Direct Talk

Voice guidance


Triple HD tuner

Panasonic Media Center

TV Anywhere

In House TV Streaming

Internet apps

Firefox web browser


Viera Link

Recording to USB in HD

+ info

Release dateAvailable
Manufacturer's websitePanasonic

Price TX-40CX800E: 800 

Price TX-50CX800E: 1.800 

Price TX-55CX800E: 2,000 

Price TX-65CX800E: 3,500