Why haven't I received the refund of the 2019 Income yet?

Why haven't I received the refund of the 2019 Income yet?

The 2019 Income declaration campaign was launched last April and will end on June 30. Have you already submitted it? The government decided not to make any changes to the deadlines , despite the fact that the country is still in a state of alarm. In fact, they want to speed up returns, which usually represent 70% of the returns filed.

If you have already done yours, it has been returned, but you still do not have the money in your account, it is possible that the Tax Agency has observed a fault, that you have to present extra documentation or that your statement simply presents some particularity. Let's see what could happen next.

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First thing: check that the return is well presented

Once the 2019 Income declaration has been submitted, the Tax Agency will inform you of the state in which it is located. If you still have not received the refund money, the first thing you will have to do is check the status of the 2019 Income. You can do it from the Tax Agency application on your mobile or through the web, by clicking on the option See the statements filed .

Be concerned if this message appears: The declaration with the indicated amount has not been recorded or is in process. Check the amount. If this happens, it is most likely that you have not filed the return correctly and that all the time that has elapsed has passed in vain. It is important that you double-check what happened when you sent the return. If you have any questions, because you do not know what is happening or how to fix it, we recommend that you consult a manager. You can also request an appointment for an expert from the Tax Agency to attend you through the Plan We call you ”.

The Tax Agency may be doing verifications

It is perfectly normal for the Tax Agency to take its time when making checks. If the status of your return is as follows: Your return is being verified , don't worry. This does not mean that an inspection will drop you, nothing is further from the truth.

It is possible that one of these circumstances is occurring:

  • That in 2019 there should be some important change that the Tax Agency has to verify: the birth of a child, the purchase of a house, a large investment, the death of a family member, etc. If this is your case, be patient, because most likely the relevant checks are being carried out.
  • That the amount to be returned is very high . In these cases, especially if the amount exceeds 2,000 euros, it is normal for the Tax Agency technicians to look closely at the result of your return.
  • That your statement has remained behind . It does not have to happen, but sometimes there are delays that have little or nothing to do with the characteristics of your return, but with the workflow that the Tax Agency technicians have accumulated. Patience, this year they have promised to speed up returns as much as possible.

How long should I wait for the return?

How long should I wait for the return?

If the return is correct, the return should not take long. However, you should know that the Tax Agency has until December 31, 2020 to make the payment of the money . If they exceed that date, the return will have to be made with interest. These will be applied automatically, so it will not be necessary to claim the amount separately. Last year, as of December 28, 97% of the returns had already been entered.