Black Friday deals on Groupon, LetsBonus and Groupalia coupons

Black Friday deals on Groupon, LetsBonus and Groupalia coupons

This year, Black Friday is Friday, November 24. Almost all large companies (especially those that sell online) launch special discounts for purchases, on an ideal date to prepare Christmas gifts.

And also Groupon, LetsBonus and Groupalia have special offers on the occasion of Black Friday. On their web pages you can find coupons with extra discounts that are added to those of the coupons.

Black Friday deals on Groupon coupons

On the Groupon website the company has included a special section with offers for Black Friday. You can find products with discounts of up to 75% in different categories: electronic products, household products, children's toys, fashion and jewelry ...

On this page, therefore, discounts are applied directly to the price of each product , and there is no general discount code for any purchase.

The most interesting thing, however, is that you can search for offers by category, and you can also enter a selection of products for less than 10 euros.

Groupon's Black Friday deals are available for a limited time and you need to be registered on the page to be able to buy the products at the discounted price.

Black Friday deals on LetsBonus coupons

In LetsBonus the operation is a little different. Instead of finding specific offers for this week, we can have an additional 20% discount code. When making the payment, you must enter the code BLACKFRIDAY17.

black friday letsbonus

The coupon is applied with a series of conditions: it is valid for purchases over 30 euros, for a maximum discount of 10 euros, and only until November 25, 2017 . In addition, each user can use the code a maximum of 3 times.

The discount code cannot be applied to offers for shows, theater, cinema, technology, theme and water parks or ITV Madrid. It is also not valid for purchases through offline or external platforms.

On the other hand, if the purchase made has logistics costs, the coupon cannot be used to cover them. And in case of return, the coupon cannot be used again .

Black Friday deals on Groupalia coupons

Groupalia, for its part, is launching offers every day of the week on Black Friday. Every morning you 'll find at the top of its website, information on the offer of the day .

For example, at the time of publishing this article, we found a coupon of 12 euros off for purchases over 50 euros on the platform. It is only valid until 0.00 hours , and after that a new coupon will be activated.

groupalia black friday

To be up to date, the ideal is to enter daily and assess whether it is worth the coupon for each day. In addition, probably on Friday 24 we can also find another special offer for Black Friday.