LG UBK90, UHD Blu-Ray reader with support for Dolby Vision

LG UBK90, UHD Blu-Ray reader with Dolby Vision

The best way to get the most out of our brand new 4K TV is with a UHD Blu-Ray reader. Original movies in this format offer the best picture and sound quality. For this reason, manufacturers like LG have launched new models on the market this year. Among them, the LG UBK90 stands out , a UHD Blu-Ray reader capable of playing content in Dolby Vision .

The LG UBK90 arrives to replace the LG UP970. In fact, its design is practically identical . We have the reader tray located in the left corner, with four small buttons on the front. In the right corner is the USB port. Based on the images, it seems that the biggest difference on an aesthetic level is that the new model has a softer brush than the previous model. However, this could change when viewed live.

On a functional level, the big difference between the LG UBK90 and the LG UP970 is that the new model will support Dolby Vision from its launch . You will also be able to play HDR10 images, but the HDR10 + format will be left out. This is because the Korean manufacturer has decided to bet on the Dolby format.

official LG UBK90 rear

The LG UBK90 supports almost all audio formats on the market, including Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-HD . The only format that has not been confirmed is DTS: X.

At the multimedia level, the new player includes the possibility of playing in 4K from applications such as YouTube or Netflix . In addition, it has an internal player that allows you to play content included in a USB memory.

The LG UBK90 will hit the market this spring, with an unconfirmed price of 250 euros .


official LG UBK80 front

Along with the LG UBK90 the LG UBK80 was also introduced , a cheaper version that loses some features . The most important, without a doubt, is the support of Dolby Vision. For the rest, on a technical level we have exactly the same player.

Another difference is that the LG UBK80 only has one HDMI output , while the top model has two. Unless all our equipment is already adapted to 4K and HDR, it is highly recommended to choose a reader with dual HDMI output. One of them is used to pass the video to the television and the other to pass the audio to the sound system, provided that this is not compatible with 4K HDR.

The LG UBK80 will also go on sale in the spring with an unconfirmed price of 220 euros .