5 apps to learn to relax and sleep better

Better sleep apps

In these moments that we live in quarantine due to the coronavirus, anxiety crises are shooting. Spending so many hours locked up at home does not help us relax , and the uncertainty about what we are experiencing complicates everything much more. If we do not relax, we have difficulties sleeping and resting, and that means that we are more irritated, unstable and in a bad mood. This creates a vicious circle from which it is increasingly difficult to get out. Before continuing to feed and increase our anxiety, it is necessary to take action. The most effective in this case go through breathing and calming our agitated mind. These applications are of great help to achieve this.

1. Calm

It is an application that is especially aimed at people who want to put an end to their state of nervousness, and have proposed to be more calm with themselves and with the people around them. It does not matter if you have never meditated or done any relaxation techniques before , as its exercises are also prepared for beginners.

Far from spreading mystical theories, the Calm application focuses on the most practical part so that you learn to focus on your bodily sensations. It is a very useful and effective relaxation technique, which is used in various therapies to control anxiety.


As soon as you enter the application, a list appears so that you can choose the objective that you are most interested in achieving : Reduce stress, increase happiness, improve performance, sleep better, etc. Depending on what you choose, they will make some recommendations or others. To be able to access all the content you have 7 days free, and to keep it you have to make an annual payment of 50 euros. However, for free, you also have relaxing music sessions, bedtime stories, mindfulness-based guided meditations, breathing exercises, and nature sounds scenes.

2. Insight Timer - Meditation

The interesting thing about this application is that experts in the world of relaxation and meditation have taken part in its development, from neuroscientists and psychologists to meditation teachers from different universities. New guided meditations are being added daily at no cost. Most of its content and features are free. According to the application, it is the largest free library of meditations in the world , with more than 24,000 meditations, and a good number of them are in Spanish.

Insight Timer meditation

It should be noted that it has a very practical minute hand for you to personalize your own meditation. In addition, it provides statistics and achievements that you have achieved so that you can follow your process at all times. If you have doubts, questions or just want to communicate with people who are using the Insight Timer application, there are hundreds of discussion groups in Spanish. Once you see all the contents of the application you will realize that it is not just for relaxation, but also has a lot to do with personal development.

3. White Noise Lite

To sleep better, it is advisable to get to bed in a state of calm and well-being. To promote this, before going to sleep, you can lean on the White Noise Lite application. It is completely free and has a large catalog of ambient sounds that are especially recommended to rest and clear your mind, as they serve to block distractions and gradually relax.

White Noise Lite

Despite being totally free, it stands out for having a wide variety of useful functions. For example, the alarm and timer with pleasant sounds to help you wake up smoothly, in the most natural way possible. You can also highlight the sounds you like the most with stars and mark them as favorites, to quickly access your list.

4. Relaxing candles: music, sleep, meditation

For some strange reason, candles are part of that repertoire of elements that are capable of attracting our attention and help us to enter our inner world. Behind that ingrained idea is the Relaxing candles: music, sleep, meditation application, which aims to set our moments, so that we focus on our well-being and from there we achieve the peace we long for. Through soothing candle flames on our mobile screen and relaxing music, this application helps us to rest and focus on what is truly important.

Relaxing candle applications

It has different types of music and candles, so you can choose what you need at each moment depending on what your purpose is, whether it is to sleep better, meditate or concentrate.

5. Meditopia: Meditation, Sleep

In the Meditopia application you will find many free resources that serve different purposes . Each of them is related to relaxation, well-being, concentration and calming anxiety to sleep better and feel good in your day to day. It has more than 150 meditations in three different languages: Spanish, Turkish and English. Each meditation focuses on different themes, so that they do not serve only to relax, but also to work on aspects of your personal life, such as improving your personal relationships.

Meditopia app

When starting the application, you can enter through your Google account, Facebook or by email . Next, you will see that there are different topics you can work on such as: learning about mindfulness, improving your physical health, managing stress and anxiety, improving your sleep quality, etc. In the Premium subscription you have all the contents available without any limitation. But if you prefer not to pay anything, you can take advantage of many of these meditation resources as well, although obviously you will not have access to everything the application offers.