Common Nexus 5 issues that users are most concerned about

Nexus 5 problems

Since it was launched almost two years ago, the Nexus 5 has suffered various problems update after update. There are only a few days left before users of this device can enjoy Android 6.0 Marshmallow , so it is only a matter of time to know if many of its errors will be solved. One of the most common problems with the Nexus 5 is related to the camera. This is a very general issue, which jeopardizes the quality of the final images.

Many users have complained about blurry photos, shutter lag, slow autofocus… In short, poor image quality. Another very annoying issue has to do with the camera application, which freezes or simply leaves the device unable to react. Also, if you try to reopen when this happens an error appears. Android 5.1.1 Lollipop fixed a large part of these bugs, although some users still have to make use of an alternative camera app like FXCamera .

Nexus 5 problems

Other errors include slow charging or problems with battery life, which literally leaves many users conditioned to have to charge the device every very short time. Perhaps this has been one of the failures that has brought more queue in forums and specialized media. Hundreds of Nexus 5 owners were coming in to find a solution to the problem, in some cases with no response. Android 6.0 Marshmallow could put an end to this issue. One of its main functions will be " Doze ", an intelligent system that saves energy thanks to different automatic methods. For example, Doze It will be in charge of closing all those applications that we have in the background and that we have not used for a long time, managing to extend the autonomy.

Another famous problem identified in the Nexus 5 has to do with the loss of GPS connection . This can be fixed by setting the "high precision" mode in the GPS settings and also making sure that it is not running in "safe mode". The truth is that many users are still worried because Lollipop has caused quite annoying errors and failures on their device, not to mention instability problems when working with it. We think that Marshmallow is going to be a respite for Nexus 5 owners . It will start to be available from next week via OTA, so upon arrival you will receive a pop-up message on the screen of your Nexus advising you that Android 6.0 is now available for download.

In addition to Doze , this new version offers different improvements. Highlight the following:

  • Granular permissions . They will serve to carefully control the different requests of the applications to execute tools.
  • Native support for fingerprint readers . This feature is essential to work through tools such as Android Pay or the Google Play application store .
  • Less invasive notifications . We will simply have to slide our finger up on the screen to hide them without eliminating them forever.
  • Google Now On Top . The famous Google assistant has undergone a renovation. Now it will appear in any space on the phone to offer additional information about the data that appears in our panel.
  • Chrome within apps . It will not be necessary to exit the application when the system wants to direct us to the browser.