▷ How to know if my Gmail and Google account have been stolen


By the number of existing Android devices, Gmail is the most used email service in the world along with Outlook and Hotmail. As a percentage, it is also the service most used by attackers to steal accounts and sell the information later or make personal use of them. The good news is that we can detect these types of attacks if we suspect that someone has stolen our Gmail and Google accounts in the last stay. This time we will show you how to proceed in a simple way.

Access your Gmail login history

The most efficient and direct way to know the accesses to our Google account is to access the Gmail login history. For this, the company has enabled a security section that we can access through this link.

My google gmail account has been stolen 0

The page in question will show us a list with all the connections that have been made with our account during the last 28 days . If we click on each of the connections, the web will display a box with all kinds of useful information, such as the type of device, the date and time of the session, the IP address of the equipment in question and the exact location from which our account has been accessed.

Have we detected any fraudulent login? To log out of all the devices where the account has been registered, we will have to change the email password. Within the same page we will click on Protect your account . Then we will enter the old password and create a new one, preferably more complex than the previous one.

Take a look at account activity

As we mentioned above, Google's login history only shows activity for the last 28 days. If we want to visualize movements beyond those 28 days we will have to resort to the My activity section . We can access it through this link.

Google gmail account 1 has been stolen

Within this page Google will not show us a history with the records made with our account, but will show us a list with all the activity generated around our Google mail, from YouTube searches to accesses to certain websites , through any login that has been made in an application or page with our email.

In case of detecting any strange movement we will have to change the password again to invalidate all the devices in which our user has been registered.

My Google account password has been changed, can I regain access?

The truth is that yes. To do this we will have to click on Have you forgotten your password? on the Google login page . Next, the wizard will guide us through a process based on four phases, through which we can regain access to the account to change the password later.

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The first of them consists of sending a verification code to the Android mobile device that we have. If access to the account has been withdrawn from it, we can choose the second method: send a verification SMS to our phone number . In both cases we will have to copy the code to paste it later in the corresponding box.

The next method consists precisely of sending this same code to the security email that we have previously established . If we have not set an address, the last method is to answer the security question that we have selected at the time of registration. We can also opt for the last solution: provide an email address so that the Google team can contact us to assess the case personally.