Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini ”“ Thoroughly


mobileworldcongressSony Ericsson has announced at Mobile World Congress 2010 two new reduced versions of its Xperia X10 . Among them, this Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini is practically identical to the X10 mini pro . The main and almost only difference between the two is that this model lacks the sliding QWERTY keyboard , although otherwise it maintains the same look and feel. Touch screen with Timescape interface and Android 1.6 system, convenient access to Facebook and a much more compact size are its great attractions.

It's basically like having an X10 that takes up a lot less space in your pocket . It is even somewhat more compact and lighter than the X10 mini pro. Its dimensions of 83 x 50 x 16 millimeters with 88 grams make it a very handy phone, which takes advantage of tight measurements without compromising its multimedia capabilities.


Display and interface

Of the four inches of the original model, the X10 mini has ended up content with a handsome 2.5-inch screen . As a consequence, the resolution has been lowered to 240 x 320 pixels (QVGA) to accommodate the new diagonal. Its color gamut covers up to 16 million colors , and it is scratch resistant.

Although it works under the command of Android (the Google icons for mobile), in reality we will move through its exclusive UX interface . From it we will find its four quick access icons especially useful , each one located in a corner and to which we can assign the execution of the tasks that we use most frequently.

Equally remarkable is the Timescape application . It is a tool that integrates call history, message management and maintenance on the social networks of Facebook and Twitter . With this it manages to simplify the handling of its most common functions, always managed by its Qualcomm MSM 7227 processor at 600 megahertz .


Camera and multimedia

Even without being a specialist in audiovisual work, this X10 mini complies with a good note in the multimedia section. Thus, the leading integrated camera has a decent resolution of five megapixels . It allows you to capture photos and record video and, although it lacks advanced automation, it can geotag images to remind us where we have taken them. Of course, the almost mandatory LED flash is not lacking .

Your player supports music in MP3 and AAC among other formats, synchronized with the TrackID song identification service. It even allows you to view content from the popular YouTube portal , or listen to the radio thanks to its FM tuner. Its audio connection is 3.5 millimeters, so it will not offer us headaches when connecting common headphones.



The Xperia X10 mini moves like a fish in water on the Internet . It is a 3G terminal that can navigate the mobile broadband network, through the HSPA standard . But at the same time you can connect to Wi-Fi wireless access points if you prefer. This guarantees a satisfactory experience when viewing web pages, downloading programs from the Android Market and other common activities in cyberspace.

Also noteworthy is the inclusion of an assisted GPS locator (A-GPS) , a tool synchronized with Google Maps . And of course it incorporates Bluetooth technology , to transfer photos and documents wirelessly. Or integrate it with hands-free systems and wireless headsets, as it is compatible with the A2DP specification .

Storage and autonomy

Internal storage is one of the luxuries that this small terminal has had to do without. Just how much with 128 MegaBytes. For this reason we will use the microSD cards as the main support to save the information. A two-Gigabyte is included in the box , although the true capacity cap is 16 GigaBytes .

As for autonomy , Sony Ericsson believes it can stay on between 3.5 and 4 hours talk time or up to 360 hours standby . Since it is a mobile with a certain advanced vocation , oriented to the Internet and with a great variety of applications that demand maximum performance, no one should be surprised when you have to find the charger sooner than specified.


Advantages and disadvantages

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini will make many friends among those looking for a very portable phone that, at the same time, provides efficient performance . It is a versatile terminal , adapted to the mobile Internet era and with attractive features (see GPS and customizable interface). However, the lack of a physical keyboard can leave you in the shadow of the X10 mini pro.

It will be available during the second quarter of 2010 , a date yet to be determined. It can be purchased in black, white, pink, red, lime and silver .

Data sheet

StandardGSM / GPRS / EDGE 850/900/1800/1900

UMTS / HSPA 850/900/1900/2100

Weight and measurements83 x 50 x 16 mm

88 grams

screen2.5 inch QVGA TFT touch (240 x 320 pixels)

16,777,216 colors

Scratch resistant

Storage1280 MB internal memory

Up to 16GB with microSD cards

2 GB microSD card included

Camera5 Megapixels


LED flash

Upload service to photoblogs and Google Maps

Video recording


MultimediaPlayback of music (MP3, AAC), video and photos

FM Radio Tuner

Voice recording



Controls and connectionsTouch screen

Keys On-hook, Off-hook, Access to Main Menu

On / off / lock / unlock screen key

MiniUSB port

MicroSD card slot

Integrated A-GPS

Wireless connections: Wi-Fi, HSPA and Bluetooth A2DP

softwareAndroid 1.6 operating system

UX touch interface

Sony Ericsson Timescape (Facebook, Twitter)

Android Market


Google Maps with Street View

Google Talk

Google Voice Search



4 hours (GSM / GPRS / EDGE)

3 hours 30 minutes (UMTS / HSPA)

360 hours in standby mode

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