5 basic apps that you should install on your mobile if you have a Lenovo computer

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Little by little, desktop operating systems are becoming more like Android and iOS; Windows 10 is good proof of this. Likewise, manufacturers such as Lenovo develop mobile tools that serve to complement the information on computers or solve some everyday problems that we may have with the computer. To this must be added the existence of mobile applications that allow expanding the functionalities of the equipment . This time we have compiled several of these applications to install on one of the company's computers.

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Lenovo Help

It is an application created by the company itself, intended to provide information about Lenovo devices, be it a computer or a mobile phone.

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The tool gathers all kinds of information about the characteristics of the equipment and the remaining warranty . It also has a section that collects solutions to some of the most common problems.

In addition, Lenovo Help has a diagnostic tool that allows you to run an analysis to determine the source of the problem, as well as a function to find out the repair status of a computer if we have escalated the problem to manufacturer support. In short, a Swiss army knife on our smartphone.

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The application par excellence if we want to synchronize our mobile phone with the computer and obtain complete control of it.

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The tool in question allows us to transfer all kinds of files to our computer through the home WiFi network. Although the best thing about Airdroid is the ability to synchronize messages from WhatsApp, Telegram and any other messaging application , not to mention the possibility to control the phone remotely , as well as the camera and microphone.

It also allows us to obtain a complete log of messages and calls, as well as full access to external and internal storage and the device gallery . Install and uninstall applications, move files from one directory to another ...

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You could not miss DroidCam, an application that allows you to turn your mobile phone into a webcam for the computer through the network or through a USB cable connected to the computer. Its operation is really simple, although we will have to download the homonymous program on the computer to achieve the connection .

5 basic apps that you should install on your mobile if you have a Lenovo computer 1

Once we have installed both applications, it will be enough to follow the steps indicated by the tool. DroidCam will then generate a bridge to replicate the image from the phone's camera on the computer . Compatible with Skype, Google Hangout, Messenger and any other application that requires the use of a webcam.

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Chrome Remote Desktop

One of the most powerful and simple applications that we can find on Android and iOS. Through a simple extension for Google Chrome we can control the computer from the screen of our phone or tablet , either through the keyboard that it incorporates or through the touch mouse that is displayed on the screen.

5 basic apps that you should install on your mobile if you have a Lenovo 2 computer

The best of all is that we will not need to be connected to the same WiFi network, since the synchronization is done through our Google account. Unfortunately, the image latency does not allow to take advantage of the tool in games or applications that demand a quick response.

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Your phone, from Microsoft

An application very similar to Airdroid, with the difference that it is totally free and allows you to synchronize calls remotely, in such a way that we can answer any call through the computer's microphone .

Beyond this functionality, the application allows you to synchronize notifications and mobile phone content , although in a somewhat more limited way than Airdroid. The good news is that the ntofiaicones are synchronized with the native Windows notification system.

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