How much does Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Sky or Movistar + cost?

How much does Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Sky or Movistar + cost?

Never, as before, has there been so much offer to watch streaming content. The options are numerous to the point of not knowing what each one offers and for how much money. Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Movistar +, Sky… How much does each of them cost? Is it worth the outlay for the catalog you have? How many simultaneous screens does it allow? And can I have a free month?

All the answers to these questions can be found in this special streaming rates that we have decided to prepare for you. A special that, for sure, will clear up many doubts: in the end you will know which service to choose and start enjoying your favorite series and movies.


We start with what is the most popular platform of all that we are going to count here today. Netflix began its journey as a DVD rental service in the United States two decades ago and is currently the queen of audiovisual streaming .

What can we find on Netflix?

The main course is his own-produced films and series , with hits such as 'Bright' starring Will Smith or prestigious series such as House of Cards or Orange is the New Black.

How many simultaneous screens do you have?

We can create 4 profiles and see the contents, at the same time, whether you share an address or not. Everything will depend on the rate at which you accept.


How much?

Basic plan: 1-screen SD playback quality (you can watch content on one screen at the same time, in standard definition). 8 euros.

Standard plan: 2-screen HD quality (you can watch content on 2 screens at the same time, in high definition where available). 11 euros (5.50 euros each)

Premium plan : 4-screen HD / UHD 4K plan (you can watch content on 4 screens at the same time, in both high definition and ultra high definition where available) Say that there is still very little 4K content available in the catalog. 14 euros (3.50 euros each ).

Do you have a free month?

Yes, you just have to enter your bank details and start enjoying the free month in any of the subscription plans. Remember that the subscription is automatic and if you do not cancel it before the month expires you will be charged without prior notice.

Amazon prime

The cheapest option of the set of services that we have consulted, but also the one with a simpler catalog. Amazon Prime Video is included with your Amazon Prime subscription service.

What can we find on Amazon Prime?

As in Netflix, the strong point is its own productions, scoring the goal, for example, of getting Woody Allen to make the first series of his career. The cinema is not his strong point, with films of a commercial nature and somewhat old.

How many simultaneous screens do you have?

The Amazon Prime video service does not have shared accounts or simultaneous screens

amazon prime

How much?

A very economical service, since we can have it for 20 euros a year, including the sale of Amazon items in 24 hours and without the cost of shipping costs . If we divide the fee into 12 months, we will have paid 1.66 euros per month .

Do you have a free month?

Yes, including card details. Remember that you will be charged 20 euros per month if you do not deactivate the subscription.


HBO is synonymous with quality series and documentaries. This US cable channel began its journey with the streaming service in Spain in November 2016 .

What can we find on HBO?

Without a doubt, some of the best series in the history of TV: The Wire, The Sopranos, Two Meters Under Earth ... And some of the most successful, such as Game of Thrones.

How many simultaneous screens do you have?

We can see the content of HBO Spain on two screens at the same time , whether or not we are at the same address. Its weak point, however, is that we will not be able to create two different profiles: the account is simply shared between two.


How much?

The monthly subscription to the HBO platform is priced at 8 euros . If we share it, we will have to pay only 4 euros .

Do you have a free month?

Yes, it offers its users a free month to test it by entering the card details. As in the other cases, do not forget to cancel the subscription before the end of the month if you just want to try it.


The most recent of the streaming platforms to reach our country. Sky differs from the rest in that it is, above all, a subscription to cable channels , each with its own specific programming. A valid option for those who want to have a greater TV offer. Regarding movies and series, it has an on-demand catalog of about 3,600 hours. Regarding its own production, although it is still scarcer than other competitors, it already has two series in Spain (Gomorra and Save Me) which will be joined by two more series throughout this year.

What can we find in Sky?

These are all the channels that we can have if we activate a Sky subscription:

  • Fox
  • Foxlife
  • TNT
  • Comedy central
  • 13TH Street
  • Syfy
  • TCM
  • History
  • National Geographic
  • Nickelodeon
  • Disney Junior
  • Disney XD
  • MTV
  • LaLiga123 TV

The lovers of football have in Sky juicy with enough choice LaLiga123 TV channel with matches Second Division.


How many simultaneous screens do you have?

We can share our Sky account with up to 3 screens at the same time.

How much?

If you want to sign up for Sky, you only have to pay, per month, the single amount of 10 euros. If you share it with two other people, it will cost just over 3 euros each.

Do you have a free month?

The best way to test Sky is by accessing your month for free and without permanence . You just have to enter your bank details without forgetting, then, cancel the subscription.

Movistar +

The platform most radically different from the previous 4, with a varied and extensive catalog and multiple ways to configure itself. We can hire Movistar + TV with or without a mobile rate , depending on our needs.

What can we find in Movistar +?

A wide selection of thematic channels, plus additional premium services such as cinema and premiere series , exclusive sporting events, etc.

How many simultaneous screens do you have?

We can share Movistar + content (both the live channels and the on-demand service) between two screens that are outside the home. Thus, for example, you can share your Movistar + password with a friend and share connection costs.

movistar +

How much?

These are the different Movistar + modalities and their price:

Basic family package: only TV, initial payment of 100 euros between 12 months plus 35 euros per month with all the channels of the basic TV package, Movistar Series Xtra and Movistar Deportes 1 and 2. You can add additional channels such as movies, sports selection or motor.

Fusion # 0: DTT channels, regional channels, channel # 0 of Movistar and Movistar eSports, in addition to 4,500 titles on demand. 50 MB of fiber, 48 euros and 300 MB 60 euros. A TV offer that can only be used on mobile devices, does not include a decoder.

Fusion + Leisure: for series lovers. 2 mobile lines with unlimited calls on 1 line and 10 GB to share with the series package included and the family package of 80 channels for 80 euros per month if you choose a 50 MB connection. If you opt for the 300 MB you will have to pay 95 euros. Includes TV decoder.

Fusion + series: if you only want the series package and DTT channels, you can hire this type of Fusion + series for 65 euros per month if you want 50 MB of fiber or 77 euros if you prefer 300 MB. In this mode you will have 5 MB to share between the two lines.

Packages such as the sports selection or cinemas have a price increase of 10 euros over the corresponding monthly fee.

These are the rates and conditions of Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Sky or Movistar + . Which one do you prefer?