Reasons why Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is not doing well on PC

call of duty black ops 3 pc glitches

A major new release from a renowned video game , and a new blunder for PC users. It seems that history is repeating itself once more this year, and that is that the new Call of Duty , which has the surname Black Ops 3, is giving more than a headache to players who have chosen the computer as a platform for entertainment, instead of game consoles . Thus, the game is loaded with bugs and malfunctions even on powerful computers prepared for the most gamers.

Apparently, the main problem of Call of Duty Black Ops 3 on PC is poor management of RAM . And it is that the title is consuming huge amounts to move the graphics and all the elements that are displayed on the screen during the action. The curious thing, as well as worrying, is that not even the most powerful computers are capable of achieving a smooth gaming experience , even closing and causing the compatible crash . Something that already occurred in the publication of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare , and in other current titles such asBatman Arkham Knight . Bottoms that are discovered the same day of launch and that leave the developers in a very bad place, hurting the first buyers of these titles on PC .

Treyach herself , in charge of this edition of Call of Duty, has already confirmed the problems, suggesting as an interim solution to set the limit of frames per second or FPS at 58 , in addition to activating the V-Sync option if you have a monitor of 60 Hz . Something that does not end at any time with the strong drops in frames or frames (random slowdowns), the crashes of the computer and the terrible experience that this title is offering even to the owners of computers with the latest generation processors (those who have an i5 are worst affected ), graphics cards such asNvidia GeForce GTX980 , and even up to 12GB of RAM . Something that is even worse on PC with more restrained technical specifications.

call of duty black ops 3 pc glitches

In this way, and although the game has already been released with a starter patch to improve some issues, hundreds of players will have to continue seeing how, minute by minute, their Call of Duty Black Ops 3 worsens in their fluidity and game experience. . And it is that the consumption of the RAM memory is increasing, making the computer work slower with each passing minute, even launching warning messages for the user with alerts of little memory remaining . But it is not the only problem discovered. Players also face black screens when starting the game and crashes that completely prevent play.

With this, we just have to wait for Treyarch to find the key to the matter and solve it as soon as possible through a patch. Meanwhile, Call of Duty Black Ops 3 adds to that list of 2015 games whose PC version seems to have been forgotten by the developer who created it at the time of its launch. Thus, it seems that the bet continues to be for desktop game consoles , instead of computers that can offer an experience with better graphics and all kinds of extra services. Of course, it may be a matter of monetary interests on the part of video game creators.