5 secrets of Google Translate that you should know

The Google Translate app is really useful for many things. It is not only effective and efficient when it comes to translating words or phrases that we find anywhere. It is also the perfect travel tool for those traveling abroad. There where the local language is not mastered. But there are also other curiosities, tricks or secrets. Elements that are a little more outside of their outstanding functions. To honor them , we have created a video where as see how to get the most out of them all. Do not miss it!

Translate WhatsApp messages

It is a function that goes unnoticed, but which is extremely useful. With it it is possible to translate words or phrases from any messaging application. It does not matter if it is WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. But the best part is that you don't have to leave the conversation . A pop-up window from Google Translate appears to solve the problem quickly and conveniently. No jumps between applications.

translate whatsapp

All you have to do is go through the Google app settings and activate the Tap to translate and Show notification functions . With this, it only remains to go to any conversation or chat and copy one of the messages received or sent. On Android phones, a bubble automatically appears on the side of the screen. This contains a miniature version of the translator. Here you see the translation into any language. You can even hear it.

It is also possible to make a new translation to answer in another language. A button allows you to copy the result to quickly paste it in the chat . Very simple and very agile.


Another of the functions that go unnoticed in Google Translate are its posters. And there is a formula to display a translation on full screen. It is simple and attractive, although it may be of little use . This is precisely what makes it go unnoticed.

The point is that, to show a message to another person in another language in a large size, it is possible to use this function. Nothing to show the mobile screen and the other person not see the letters.


You just have to make a translation to use and flip the terminal. When placed horizontally, the translation fills the entire screen. Text appears in white on a blue background with a wide font size. Thus it is easy to read and distinguishable even from a long distance. Of course, long sentences have to be moved with your finger.

Translate printed text

Have you ever wanted to know what a sign says? Or have you found yourself before a restaurant menu in which you do not understand anything? Well, the solution is in Google Translate. Some time ago, the company bought a company that had developed some interesting technology. He was able to translate printed text and translate it onto the mobile screen . All this imitating the typography so as not to lose context. Well, shortly after the function was introduced in Google Translate.

translate images

You just have to choose the input and output languages. The input would be the language of the poster or the letter or the printed text. And the output our own language. Then click on the camera icon to activate the mobile lens. Thus, it only remains to frame the printed message to see how, almost magically, the translation appears on the screen over the original text . The result is not a really faithful translation, but the function is very attractive.


If you already use Google Translate regularly, you will find phrases and words that you end up translating over and over again because you cannot learn. Or with the need to make a list of useful phrases for your next destination abroad. Well, you don't have to write it down by hand or bother translating everything over and over again. You can save it in the vocabulary of the application.


It is very simple. You only do the translation once and click on the star icon. This will save the translation even if the phrase history is cleared. Thus, you just have to display the Google Translate menu and jump to the Vocabulary section . All phrases and words are stored here to review at any time without having to type them again.

Meaningless phrases

One of the attractions of Google Translate is that it has secrets and meaningless translations. Something that allows us to play with the application and discover surprising things. In the video we show you how a bad translation can totally change the meaning of the original phrase. Poor Justin Bieber knows it well.

It is also possible to write all kinds of loose letters and without apparent meaning. The action becomes more valuable when the speaker is activated and you hear how the robotic voice of the application makes beatbox or rhythms with its mouth .

google translator

Another option is to force this speech synthesizer to read famous phrases . Something to spend great time with.

But something that has surprised us a lot is the translation of Emoji emoticons . In the video we show you what happens when you enter one of these elements. A web address takes us to a page on European Union law. Quite a mystery.