Sennheiser HD 4.40, foldable Bluetooth closed-back headphones

Sennheiser HD 4-40 BT

Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT, Foldable Closed Bluetooth Headphones

Series HD Headphone Bluetooth from the German manufacturer Sennheiser can enjoy models large (completely cover the ears), closed (isolated from ambient noise) and folding so that they can carry more comfortably, and up to 25 hours of battery life . These Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT cost 149 euros , their older brothers 4.50 also have a noise cancellation system (at the cost of reducing their autonomy and increasing the price) will go on sale soon.

Cover the ears

Unlike the smaller headphones that only rest on the auditory pavilions (known as supra-aurals ) these speakers have larger cups that will completely cover our ears (hence their name: circumaural ). The pads made of good quality material , and with a very ergonomic design, will thus support our head and allow us to enjoy greater comfort when using them.

Sennheiser HD 4-40 folded

As these headphones are also closed, and thanks to the good fit of the cushions around the ears, they offer a good level of isolation from the ambient noise around us. They will also offer isolation from our music to the outside, something that can be important if we want to use them when we are not alone (not only in public transport, but for example in bed).

A good sound insulation "physical" is always convenient, because the top model ( HD 4.50 ) will have the system noise cancellation , but at a higher price and cut battery life (from 25 to 14 hours estimated) .

Bluetooth features

As usual in Sennheiser models , the HD 4.40 BT are compatible with the latest generation Bluetooth technology , including aptX , the always highly recommended system to transmit music more faithfully and free of compression due to transmission without that protocol. It is worth buying headphones of this size and category to get the most out of them , without bottlenecks.

In addition to the freedom of movement that Bluetooth headphones imply , since they allow you to listen to music without depending on where the cable passes or where the mobile is, there is also the freedom that we will have to answer calls taking advantage of its included microphone (but discreetly hidden in the microphone itself handset). The coupling with the mobile is very easy thanks to its NFC (proximity communication) technology.

Once underway, we can also control the basic functions forgetting about the mobile: answering calls, changing songs or adjusting the volume is all easily controllable from the buttons on the cup of the headphones themselves, very handy thanks to its intuitive controls.

Sennheiser quality

In addition to the quality of the ear cushions and the exterior finish of the cups and headband, which will not suffer as time goes by as in lower-category products, Sennheiser also guarantee that our ears will be cared for with the best sound quality. The drivers of these headphones are from the family of HiFi models of the house, with a balanced, detailed sound and dynamic bass.

The frequency response of the headphones ranges from as low as 18 Hz (ensure good bass) to 22 kHz (no lack of detail in treble), and can reach a considerable 113 dB of maximum pressure in passive mode (wired connection to a source or amplifier), with a harmonic distortion of less than 0.5 percent (measured at 1kHz and with a pressure of 100 dB ). The battery included is Lithium Polymer .

Sennheiser HD 4-40 front