Yamaha R-S202D, cheap stereo receiver with Bluetooth

yamaha r-s202d cover

If you are looking for a stereo receiver, simple, but with good sound quality, maybe you should take a look at the Yamaha R-S202D . A receiver launched as a replacement for the Yamaha R-S201 , a team that was very successful thanks to mixing great sound with a very competitive price. The new model follows in the wake of this team, but is modernized by adding Bluetooth wireless connectivity to be able to play music from mobile devices. Let's review the features of the  Yamaha R-S202D .

Getting started in the HiFi world can be a really difficult task. Many of the AV receivers that are often recommended by experts have a large number of channels and features, something that may be excessive for the vast majority of users. If what we want is to listen to music with great quality and without worries, we can opt for a receiver like the Yamaha R-S202D . As we mentioned, this receiver is an update of the well - known Yamaha R-S201 , a receiver that was very successful among users who were starting out in the HiFi world. The new model maintains the essence of the previous equipment, that is, good sound quality with a competitive price. However, it adds a feature that is becoming essential for many users: Bluetooth connectivity .

yamaha r-s202d rear

The Yamaha R-S202D offers a fairly straightforward design. The front part sports a brushed aluminum finish so as not to clash with the rest of the company's equipment. The headphone jack is located on the front of the computer. The equipment has dimensions of  43.5 x 14.1 x 32.2 cm , with a weight of 6.7 kg . The remote control is simple and offers everything you need to control the equipment.

At the back we find the audio connectors. The Yamaha R-S202D has two channels that achieve a power of 100W per channel at 8 ohms . Yamaha has endeavored to minimize the length of signal paths and optimize the circuit design. The power transformer has been positioned close to the power amplifier circuit to reduce energy loss and improve supply peak power capacity. This allows for high volume output.

This receiver works with a  frequency range of 40Hz to 20kHz and is equipped with speaker terminals for two systems. This allows you to connect two sets of speakers , thus having a second listening area. The system allows you to choose whether to listen to the sound for one area or the other, or even for both at the same time.

yamaha r-s202d bluetooth

The great novelty of this model is, as we have commented, the incorporation of Bluetooth connectivity . Thus, we can send the sound from our smartphone, tablet or computer wirelessly to the receiver. On the other hand, the equipment also has a DAB and DAB + tuner . These digital audio broadcasting formats offer a large selection of radio stations with high sound quality. We can preset up to 40 stations.

In short, a stereo receiver without many complications that will allow us to listen to our music wirelessly and with all the quality that Yamaha equipment usually provides . We can find the Yamaha R-S202 in specialized stores with a price that ranges between 200 and 230 euros .