Rakuten, five keys to buy in this online store


Just yesterday we found out that Rakuten  will be Barí§a's new sponsor from next season. It is likely that the name already sounds familiar to you from the Chicote ads. You may have even used the service before. Or that you have no idea what it is about. In case you didn't know, Rakuten is the largest online store in Japan . It has 50 million registered users and a highly diversified portfolio of services: electronic commerce, credits and payments, portals and media, travel, online security, and so on. But if there is something that stands out in our country, it is because of its store. And although in summer it announced that it would close its doors in Spain, now it is active again. In it you can acquire all kinds of products and experiences, while you participate in a points program that will allow you to get other services. Do you want to know what kind of offers Rakuten offers? Here are five keys to buying in this online store.


1. You can buy in countless stores. Rakuten is not a store with common products. In fact, what you can do through this online store is buy in countless stores, with the advantage of being able to get interesting discounts and participate in their points program. For example, you can choose to buy moisturizer at a reference store . The system will redirect you to the online store and you will be able to benefit from the discounts that Rakuten offers you . Do not forget to insert the corresponding codes.

2. The main brands are there . Do not think that because it is a Japanese company, in Rakuten you will not find well-known brands. Nothing is further from reality. The Rakuten store in Spain is perfectly suited to consumers here (there are more than 2,000 Spanish brands operating), so you can access stores such as The Body Shop, Casa del Libro, Ticketmaster, Redcoon, Zalando, Converse, KIKO, Toys'R'us, Conforama, Imaginarium, Atrápalo or Yoigo , to name a few well-known examples here.

3. You earn points for your purchases. One of the great advantages of shopping at Rakuten is that you can adhere to their point system. For each purchase you make, you will get points, which you can later exchange for content on Wuaki TV (a service of Rakuten itself where you will find premieres, series, independent cinema ...) and calls on Viber Out .


4. You can get special offers . We have told you that you can earn points to exchange for the indicated services, but… Did you know that you can also sign up for special offers? You can find discounts in direct quantities (for example, right now there is a promotion of 5 euros discount for buying at Promofarma or free shipping in DRUNI perfumeries for purchases of 20 euros ) or remove different percentages from your purchase (such as a 6% discount on GearBest or 15% for buying on Zalando) . You can also earn money to use on Wuaki TV or Viber Out (with direct gifts, for example, 19 euros inSuper Points for buying at Atrápalo ).

5. You can hire trips and experiences. But Rakuten is n't just made up of tangible product offerings. In addition to buying technology, books or perfumes, you will have the opportunity to gain experiences through well-known services such as Atrápalo, TripAdvisor or TicketBar . In this way, you can get special offers to spend a romantic weekend or get the tickets of your favorite group for a much cheaper price.

And you, have you ever used Rakuten ? Tell us your tricks to find interesting offers!