How to upload photos to Instagram from your computer


Instagram is a photography social network designed to be used with smartphones. From the application website we can comment on the photos and give "Like" , but it is not possible to upload photos from the computer . However, since this social network appeared, many users have wanted to show their photographs on it, even those that have not been taken from a smartphone. Thus, over time, several options have emerged that allow you to upload photos to Instagram from a computer . We are going to go over three of these options.

ARC Welder

With ARC Welder we can upload photos to Instagram from the computer without having to register on third-party pages. As it does? Well, by installing the official Instagram application for Android on our computer , using Google Chrome . This method is compatible with Windows , Mac, and Linux .


The first thing we have to do is download the official Instagram application for Android . For this we will access the Instagram profile of APKMirror . We will click on the Download button and it will download a file with an .apk extension . When we have the Instagram application , we will have to go to the  Chrome Web Store and install the ARC Welder application  .


The first thing the application shows us when we run it is a warning that we are not running a Chrome OS operating system , so some functions may fail. It also tells us that we have to select the directory in which we want to save the application data. Once selected, it will show us a screen that says Add your APK . Clicking on this button will open a file explorer in which we will have to select the .apk file previously downloaded. Selecting it will show us a screen to choose how we want to run the application. We can choose to see it vertically or horizontally and in smartphone or tablet format. Ideally, to use it on a computer is to choose Portraitand Tablet .


After running the application, we'll just click on the option Gallery , we have top left and choose Other . From here we can open the file explorer and choose the photo we want to upload.


If the first option doesn't work for you, we can use an Android emulator , such as BlueStacks . The first thing we have to do is download BlueStacks . Once the application is downloaded and installed, we will execute it. When you run it the first time, it will take a while to load the entire Home because it installs the basic applications, but in a short time you will have it fully operational.


Once inside, we will have to install the Instagram application . We will find it within the Play Store , as if it were any Android mobile . When the installation is finished, we can run the application.



Within the application, to upload a photo we will simply click on the central button and select the Gallery option . At the top where it says will press gallery and select Other . To upload an image from the computer we must select Choose from Windows .



Once the photo is selected, we can apply the filters offered by the Instagram application , just as if we were uploading the photo from the smartphone.


Finally we want to show you a third option. Perhaps it is the simplest and most reliable, but it has the disadvantage that we must register. It's about Gramblr . With this application, available for both Windows and Mac , we can upload our photos to Instagram in a very easy way. The first thing we will have to do is download the application . Once downloaded and installed, we will have to register.


When we run the application, it will show us a first screen where we can directly drag and drop the image we want to upload.


Once the image is placed, the application allows us to crop it and change the format, apply different filters and even write a caption. When we have it ready, we will only have to click on the Send button.



Gramblr even allows us to schedule our uploads, view the history of the photos we have uploaded and access our profile directly from the application.

It is worth remembering that Instagram does not have an official application for the computer, so these applications are an alternative method to the smartphone if we want to upload something specific through the computer. Especially the first two are somewhat more unstable and may not work quite well on some computers. The one that worked best for us has been Gramblr .