7 mounts to carry the mobile in the car

7 mounts to carry the mobile in the car

Smartphones have evolved to become essential in the daily life of almost all users. We can even use them as a GPS navigator for the car, for which we will need a support. We have prepared this post to show you 7 supports to carry the mobile in the car safely .

Characteristics of a good mobile phone holder for the car

A good mobile holder for the car must meet a series of characteristics. It has to be a strong and resistant support, to guarantee that the mobile will not fall . It also has to be beautiful, as it will be visible to all. Another feature is that it must be soft and delicate when holding the mobile, we do not want it to damage it. Finally, it has to be small and not obstruct the visibility of the road.

It is also recommended that it be simple to install so as not to have to waste too much time in its installation. Many mounts are already factory assembled, so you just need to put it in the car and go. They are normally mounted on the air conditioning outlet grilles , so it will be necessary to ensure that the model we are interested in is compatible with our car.

Other models are dashboard, windshield or steering wheel mounted . The advantage of these is that they are more universal than those that are placed on the air conditioning vents. Its drawback is that it is easier for us to obstruct the vision of the road. For the latter, special care must be taken with the size of these models.

Once we are clear about the above, we go on to see 7 highly recommended supports to carry the mobile in the car.

Izuku grate support with 360º rotation

Izuku mobile support with rotation

The manufacturer Izuku offers us an excellent mobile support for the car's air conditioning vents for only 7.64 euros. This model is rubberized to ensure a firm grip on the smartphone and that it does not slip. In addition, the rubber will gently treat the surface of the mobile chassis, thus avoiding any type of damage.

It has a joint with 360º rotation , in this way we can place the smartphone as comfortable as possible. To release the mobile you only need to press a button located on the back of the support, which is impossible. It is compatible with 53-95mm wide phones.

Ugreen grate support

Ugreen 3 mobile support

We continue with another mobile support for the air conditioning vents. This Ugreen model has 3 retractable claws that fit on the sides of the smartphone to hold it firmly. A very robust and reliable system with rubber pads so that the mobile does not fall while we are driving.

This system allows the device to be very small and easy to use, you just have to take it out of the box, put it on the air vent of the car and that's it. Being so compact it will not bother you at all when driving. The manufacturer warns that it is not compatible with the original USB-C cable of the Samsung S9, S9 +, S8, S8 +, Note 8 and A5 phones .

It is compatible with mobiles between 4 and 6.5 inches , and we recommend not to put the mobile horizontally. Its price is 15 euros.

Ugreen 2 mobile holder

Beikell dashboard mount

Beikell dashboard mount

Beikell offers us one of the best supports on the market for the dashboard of our car, and for a price of only 10 euros. Its fixing system is based on a suction cup with extra strong adherent gel, which will keep it perfectly fixed on the dashboard of the car so that it does not move at all. The manufacturer ensures that it will not leave a trace when removed.

It has a telescopic arm, which allows the length to be adjusted to suit the driver , as well as to pivot up or down to improve screen visibility. It also has a joint capable of turning 360º.

Its quick-release system is based on a single button, thus fixing and releasing the smartphone will be very simple.

Mpow Dash Mount

Mpow dash mount

Another great support to carry our smartphone on the dashboard of the car. Its 3M tape ensures a perfect fixation , with which the smartphone will not move at all when we go through a pothole or brake while searching. Its price is only 13 euros.

The user can adjust the phone to their liking in the holder thanks to a three-slot design . This is very important when it comes to getting a good viewing angle on the phone screen, thus avoiding annoying reflections.

It comes assembled so you only have to fix it to the dashboard . It is compatible with most smartphones on the market, including Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi and Google models.

Mpow 2 dash mount

MMOBIEL steering wheel mount

MMOBIEL steering wheel mount

MMOBIEL offers us this great support to place the smartphone on the steering wheel of our car. Its silicone pad protects the delicate surface of the chassis of your mobile from being damaged.

It is a very compact device, in addition, being on the wheel will not obstruct your vision at all . The bad thing is that it will turn with the steering wheel, so sometimes it will be difficult to see the mobile screen comfortably. It only costs 7 euros.

Moxie steering wheel mount

Moxie steering wheel mount

Another support to place the mobile on the car steering wheel. Its design is traced to the previous model , with a quick release system based on a button, and silicone pads to avoid damaging the mobile at all. Its price is 7 euros.

Aukey magnetic holder

Aukey 2 magnetic holder

If you prefer a support with magnetic fixation we have an option. The manufacturer Aukey offers us a model that consists of two pieces. One of them is a metal plate that is placed on the back of the smartphone . The drawback in this case is that it breaks the aesthetics of your mobile completely, especially if the back is not black.

The other piece consists of a powerful magnet that is attached to the air conditioning grille of the car . This piece is the one that is in charge of holding the phone thanks to the metal plate that we have put behind it.

Aukey magnetic holder

With this ends our guide of 7 supports to carry the mobile in the car safely.