WhatsApp has stopped working, why are my messages not being sent?

WhatsApp, why aren't my messages sent?

It was a long time since WhatsApp gave its users such an upset, of this kind at least. And it is that, from 1:20 pm, the messaging service has begun to present failures to users from different parts of the planet: Germany, Spain, Albania, Italy, Netherlands, India ”¦ A drop in service to the one that we were no longer used to, and that could well mean the arrival of new features rather than a system overload.

Since 1 p.m., the courier service has experienced technical problems in different parts of the world. From that time on, users have begun to check how the messages were marked with the clock after being sent . That is, waiting to have a connection to travel to the WhatsApp servers (first check) and then to the recipient's mobile (double check). A process that, although slowly, ends up taking place. However, as of 1:20 p.m. the problem had escalated to a greater stage, affecting more users and finally preventing the sending and receiving of any type of message.

Without prior notice

As usual, WhatsApp has not reported any problems . While users from different countries took their complaints to Twitter, or even crash log pages confirmed what happened, WhatsApp was silent. It has only been verified through its Service Status tool in the Settings menu. Here the application indicates that the service is not available. Of course, it is not reported if there is any kind of problem in the service, in the terminal or if it is part of a set-up. Only that it is a WhatsApp failure.

WhatsApp dropped

Now there is a doubt whether WhatsApp is suffering some kind of attack. Or if it is a saturation of your service (something unlikely). Or if you are performing an update on your system . The latter is the most feasible in the face of this unexpected WhatsApp failure. And it is that important characteristics are yet to come, such as the revocation or effective deletion of messages. Or even Live Location. Issues whose introduction into the system has supposedly forced WhatsApp to do this. Something that, without an official statement, we can only imagine.


At 1:45 p.m. the WhatsApp failure seems to have been corrected . Messages from the app circulate smoothly and without delay. Even users confirm this fact through Twitter, where the alarm has started. Now we just have to wait for WhatsApp to confirm what happened. Either through a notice or with the arrival of a new function (being positive).