Canon Connect Station CS100, we've tested it

Canon Connect Station CS100

The Canon Connect Station Cs100 is a hard drive that becomes the multimedia center of the home. This compact accessory connects to the TV via the HDMI cable . And in addition, it becomes part of the local network through WiFi or an Ethernet cable . Once configured, you can dump the disk both images and video  from our cameras by NFC , a PC, smartphone or tablet or via hard drives or memory cards. Multimedia content is shown on TV in Full HD resolution thanks to a simple menu. ANDfrom the comfort of the sofa, as a small  remote control is included with the CS100 A very practical solution to relive our favorite moments without having to mess around with cables. In addition, the images and videos can be shared with other users who have this gadget or sent directly to our Facebook wall, Twitter or YouTube . 

The Canon Connect Station CS100 is now available on the market for an approximate price of 200 euros. We have had the opportunity to test this equipment in depth, we tell you our impressions.

Canon Connect Station CS100

A disc to see our photos and videos on TV

The Connect Station CS100 works connected to the TV via the HDMI cable . Its start-up is very simple, since it is enough to connect the HDMI cable to the TV and connect the equipment to the current. After a few seconds of loading, we will see a menu on the screen. All operation is carried out through an included remote control , with the convenience of doing it from the sofa and without the need to resort to a PC or other external device. After establishing the initial configuration, we can begin to load content on the disk from various computers. The file storage capacity of this hard drive is 1 TB ( 986 GB of available space).

This Canon gadget is capable of displaying images in JPEG or RAW format (Canon CR2 format only) or videos in MP4, AVI or AVCHD format . In principle, it is oriented to the photos and videos that we take with our cameras. However, we have tried loading a movie in MP4 format  onto the disc and it worked without any problem. This opens up the possibility of turning this album into a multimedia player to also watch movies and series on TV. Of course, we must bear in mind that formats such as AVI or MKV are left out , which are widely used for these contents. By the way, the Canon Connect Station CS100 is designed to play video up to Full HD at 30fps .

Canon Connect Station CS100

A perfect match for Canon cameras

The Canon Connect Station CS100 hard drive is intended for users who have a Canon camera or camcorder. Above all, those that have NFC functionality . The reason is that with compatible equipment such as the  Canon PowerShot SX710 HS, it is enough to place the camera on the indicated area to transmit via NFC and the contents (both photos and videos) are automatically transferred to the disc. The loading process appears on TV so that we can follow the process. And yes no, we also have the option to continue browsing the platform while this process is taking place. At any time you can review the load percentage in “Import status. img. ”. 

The Connect Station CS100 also works through CF or SD memory cards and with USB sticks or external hard drives . In fact, you can also stream the images from a camera from 2010 that you connect via USB.  This gives us greater versatility when it comes to bringing our multimedia content to disk, both from Canon equipment and from other brands. In fact, it is not limited only to camera content, since we can also carry images and video from our smartphone, tablet or PC .

Canon Connect Station CS100

Uploading photos from a smartphone, tablet or PC

Precisely, another of the keys to the Canon hard drive is its function to upload images or videos from a smartphone, a tablet or a computer. In all cases, the prerequisite is that they are connected via the same local WiFi network. If we have a mobile or tablet that has an NFC chip and is compatible with Android Beam(Models such as the iPhone or Windows Phone are excluded), this process will be very agile. Just activate this functionality and touch the top of the disk with your smartphone (in the same way as with Canon cameras with NFC). A couple of beeps warn us that the connection has been made correctly. Automatically, we will see on the mobile device screen how a browser window opens with access to the loading tool.

For the rest of mobile devices and for PC, the process is as follows. First you have to open the browser and then write the IP address of the Connect Station . This is shown in the lower right corner if we go to the "Preferences" panel . For example, If the process is correct, we should see how the same loading tool opens. Its operation is very simple. Images or videos are selected one by one firstand then the shipment is accepted. A loading bar shows us the percentage. As usual, be careful not to close the browser window while the transfer is in progress. The speed with which this process is carried out depends on the speed of our WiFi network and the speed limits of the disk (USB 2.0 transfer).

There are two things to note here. On the one hand, the images can take a couple of minutes to appear in the interface of the Connect Station on the TV after being loaded, so you have to have a point of patience. And for this tool to be complete, the option of selecting several images or videos at the same time would be very interesting

Canon Connect Station CS100

Interface and presentations

One of the aspects that we liked the most about the Connect Station CS100 is its main interface. Using a remote control makes life much easier when navigating through the various menus. Inside the main screen we have a selection of thumbnails with some of the photos that we have uploaded in a dynamic mosaic. This means that the photos take turns every so often to show a new selection . Below each photo and video we have information about the device with which it was taken (in the case of a camera) and the date.

By default, photos can be arranged temporarily or via the device they were taken. When we click on one of them it is shown in full screen and adapted to the best format to watch on TV . Once opened, we have the option to rate the image (between 1 and 5 stars), rotate the image (90 degrees to the right each time it is pressed) or protect the image so that it is not erased or modified by mistake. We can also know detailed information about the shot (resolution, color space, ISO, Aperture, file size or shooting date ...).

As for the presentations, we can mark the time that each image is shown (2 seconds, 4 seconds, 6 seconds or 8 seconds) and the video playback (4 seconds, 8 seconds, 16 seconds or the complete video) . We also have the option of using background music. These are quite simple pieces reminiscent of the MIDI era (what memories).

Canon Connect Station CS100-06

í Albums and share images

By the way, one of the options that can give us a lot of play when starting presentations and ordering our content is that of albums . From this panel you can create new collections of photos according to our tastes. The handling of this feature is quite agile and intuitive. At any time we can edit our album and remove or add images. Also, each album can have its own background song when we play it. One of the options that we have not found and that we would find very useful is to name the album.

What we can do is share any album with another user who has a Canon Connect Station CS100 . To do this, you just have to click on the option "Send album" and choose the contact to whom we want to send the photos. To register new contacts it is necessary to go to the menu "Send / receive images" and then on "Request to share". The request is sent to the email with which the contact was registered.

Another option offered by the Canon Connect Station Cs100 is to share our images or videos directly through a web service. On the one hand, we have the possibility to send content to a Canon iMAGE Gateway account . It is the service in which we create our account when we start using the disk and which also works as an online album to save our multimedia content. The advantage is that this way we can have the files in the cloud and access them through a PC, a smartphone or a tablet at any time. There is also the option to post images directly to Facebook or videos to YouTube . The rest of services includeirista, Twitter, Flickr, Google Drive or directly to email. In all cases, the configuration is carried out initially through the browser. Permissions are requested from here to carry out actions such as directly publishing the images on the social network. At any time you can change the settings to increase the degree of privacy (or vice versa). For example, on Facebook we can choose that the uploaded photos can only be seen by us.

Canon Connect Station CS100-07

Design and remote control

The look of the Connect Station CS100 is very elegant from the first glance. This disc is quite compact in size, with a trapezoidal shape with the lower area wider than the upper area. The corners are rounded and the touch is reminiscent of rubber. The black color dominates the whole team. At the top we have the button to turn the gadget on and off (with an LED indicator that varies in color depending on whether it is turned on, in standby mode or some error occurs). A drawing is also included to indicate where the NFC chip is housed . We have two other LEDs on the sides to mark online activity or file transfer.

Within the field of its connectors we have a small rubber cover that hides access to the CF card slot and the SD card slot . On the back is the HDMI connection , the USB 2.0 port and the Ethernet port to connect the computer to the Internet via cable. The overall dimensions are located in the  155.6 x 51.1 x 155.6 mm , while its weight reaches to 570 grams . In short, a very elegant model that leaves an excellent impression. By the way, when it comes to working it is at the level of other network hard drives such as the Lacie Fuel. In other words, it is not annoying, but its presence is noticeable when you are working.

The remote control of the Canon Connect Station Cs100 has a small and elongated format , with five main buttons (Main screen, On / off, Set, Back and Menu). Along with these buttons there are also arrows to move in the four cardinal directions. Its handling is simple and agile, although you have to be careful to point it well towards the hard disk so that there is a good response.

Canon Connect Station CS100

Price and reviews

The Canon Connect Station CS100 is available on the market for a price of 200 euros . In short, it is a really useful tool if we want to squeeze all the juice out of our Canon camera at home. Among its strengths is the convenience of controlling the playback of photos and video from the sofa, the NFC connectivity for compatible cameras and the option to send our images and videos directly to Facebook or YouTube.

Canon Connect Station CS100

ModelCanon Connect Station CS100
TypeNetwork multimedia hard drive


Dimensions155.6 x 51.1 x 155.6 mm
Weight570 grams
ButtonsOne button to turn on and off
Remote controlYes

Dimensions: 41.3 x 15.1 x 125.5 mm

Weight: 42 grams (without batteries)


Capacity1 TB (982 GB)
OthersCF memory card slot (CF card type I or II)

Memory card slot (SD, SDHC, SDXC)

Connections and web services 

WifiIEEE 802.11b / g / n, 15 meter transmission range
Ethernet10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T
USB1 x USB 2.0
Share images and videosWith other Connect Station CS100






Google drive


Compatibility and energy consumption

Supported formatsImages: JPEG, RAW (Canon .CR2 only)

Video: MP4, MOV, AVCHD

Photo printingPictBridge Compatible Printers via Wireless LAN
ConsumptionOperating: 10 W

Standby: 9.5 W

+ info

Release dateAvailable
Manufacturer's websiteCanyon

Price 200 euros