Dictionary of doubts to write on the Internet: go, fence, berry or balla?

go or go

Go or go? Oops or berry? Balla or fence? Although due to their graphic and phonic resemblance they may seem similar words, the truth is that their meaning has nothing to do with each other, as well as above all and above all. To this day, there are not a few users who hesitate when using the verb to go in the present of the subjunctive or the synonym of close. When to use fence or go? Vaya is written with bo with v? What is the meaning of berry? We see it below.

When to use go and go: do you write with me with ll?

Correct writing go or fence depends entirely on the meaning we want to give to the sentence within a certain context.

go or fence 2-2

This is a fence.

While going with v refers to the verb to go in the subjunctive and present tense, fence comprises a type of fence made up of different materials (wood, iron, wire ...) that serves to enclose a piece of land or separate two surfaces.

And balla and berry?

The case of balla and berry is very different from that of fence and go.

berry or balla

This is berries.

And the fact is that while a berry is a type of fleshy fruit with several seeds inside, the word balla, as stated in the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, does not exist .

Go: verb tense to go or expression of surprise

In addition to forming a tense of the verb ir in the present of the subjunctive, the expression "go" can be included in expressions that express surprise or emotion .

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Both words can be combined in the same sentence without discerning their meaning: “What a face! You go out of my place ”.

Examples of phrases with go

  • What a long time ago, I hope the storm subsides tomorrow!
  • I have told Luis to go buy the bread.
  • Go ahead the candle that lights to indicate our way.

Fence: fence type

Unlike go with and, fence refers to a type of fence that separates two surfaces .

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A good way to remember the use of the ll in fence is to resort to the verb fence : " fence the field with a fence."

Examples of phrases with fence

  • The chickens have managed to jump over the fence to get the food.
  • If the fence is too low you run the risk of being mugged at night.
  • That billboard has been empty since Marcos's company closed.

Berry: type of fruit

The word berry does not refer to any verb tense, type of fence, or expression of surprise, but rather to a type of fruit with fleshy content that has several seeds inside .

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A grape or even a tomato are two types of berry with meaty content. Also the pumpkin, the lemon, the aubergine, the orange and many other everyday fruits.

Examples of phrases with berry

  • Orange is my favorite berry even if it gives me gas.
  • What expensive berries! I prefer the fruit shop in my neighborhood.
  • Giving your Pokémon a berry can regain health in combat.

Examples of phrases with go, fence and berry

  • Whoops! To get the berries you have to jump that fence.
  • I will jump all the fences wherever you go.
  • For those berries I do not jump that fence, lest it hurt me.